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115 Years of Kansas Basketball Reunion list

Mark "Pearl" Perlmutter!!! Heck. Yeah.

I had class w/ this guy. Sure, he was "only" a Manager, but he was/had character, and I think he was "only" a Manager in '88! He got me some primo autographs!

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Charlie Weis goes wild over Ben McLemore 3; Bill Self compared to Vince Lombardi by unlikely source

He favored Vaughn: too bad for everyone. Especially if we were in the half-court. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, eat up the shot clock while more talented players watch, initiate "offense" or take a dumb shot. Boooooooo! OurSelf would never let Jaque play the way Jaque played for Coach 7.

Not sure that I agree that PP could jump out of the gym: he's 6'7", and skilled. I agree that BMac isn't quite what PP was. Then again PP wasn't what BMac is that early in his career. BMac is still raw, PP came here pretty polished and got better. As far as being better than Manning, I'm not sure. PP was playing with a bunch of very talented guys. Some guys that were talented were playing with D. Manning. I saw them both do some incredible things: that much I DO know.

As the old joke goes:
Q: Who's the only person that could keep Pierce under 30 in college?
A: Roy Williams

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Charlie Weis goes wild over Ben McLemore 3; Bill Self compared to Vince Lombardi by unlikely source

There are plenty of options out of both. The weave can be more/less effective depending on personnel. With Tyshawn (or any other "drive-ready" guard), we'd get points out of it (if we didn't turn it over), even if the 'D' did call it out. If they "drop" it's a jumper, if they go under the screen, it's a basket cut. If they go over the top of the screen, it's drift down and get set to shoot the jumper. If the post defender tries to help high-side at all it's a dump-down, etc, etc, etc. Seems like we killed 'Zona in Vegas with it when the twins were here. 'Zona was giving us fits, then it seems like we ran it about 6 times in a row. I think Ty scored 2 or 3 times. Seems like Morningstar got at least one, and I think Reed did too. Maybe I'm thinking of a different game in Vegas though, but I remember seeing them run it multiple time in a row.

KU ran a version of Chop against OU in '88 in KC. Scooter Barry got a layup out of it at a crucial time because his man went under the screen. The bigs had their guys uplane, and Scooter's side was strong-side w/ one picker and it was all blown out due to bad defense on the screen. He went over the top, OU couldn't help, and he finished with a finger roll. I think they ran something like that to Milt Newton quite a few times back in the day. Once they started flying out to close on his jumper, he could blow by for a short jumper, a layup/dunk or a dish.

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Voters cheat cheater Barry Bonds out of Hall of Fame

ACJ, I've been saying this since the hype on 'roids got to be such a big deal. I WANT to see a human run an 8.93 100m. I WANT to see a guy hit the ball 800 feet. I WANT to see someone kick a 70-yard field goal. I want to start a "cheaters" league, in whatever sport, where clean athletes that IMO are already super-human, become HYPER-human. Do I still want to watch "regular" old super-humans compete? Yes, but from time to time I want to tune in and watch somebody that knows they're going to flame out really push the envelope, and be out there on the bleeding edge. I can't be alone. I can't be the only one that doesn't sport a holier-than-thou attitude about PED like it's some sort of crown. I'm only semi-serious about any of that, and I'm dead-serious about other 50% of it.

The old "chicks dig the long ball" ad should've been everyone digs the long ball. MLB rode that maxim back to relevance. It brought people that were starting to show some interest in Soccer back to America's Pastime. Hell, I've never played a soccer game, but I've been to World Cup games even if I haven't even wanted to go to a World Series game. It's one thing to watch a horse race, but it's a completely different desire that makes me want to watch open-run on the Bonneville Salt Flats. I love them both, but I know they are different things. A few years ago, when (as it is) my contention that baseball got "serious" about steroids and hitters, that the next thing that the MLB would do to recover it's 'image' would be to make the "aughties" and the "teens" be about masterful pitching. Was I right? Look at the numbers over the last 6 years or so? How many no-nos? How man perfect games? How many for the same period previous? It's my guess that MLB is using the ascendance of the pitcher as "proof" that their anti-doping stance is a success. If Jim Joyce (1B ump that admittedly cost Gallaraga a perfect game in '10) had just been some no-name umpire, do you think he'd still be working MLB? Do you think Selig would've reversed the call? It would've drawn too much attention to the concept that pitchers were more valued in the "new" and "cleaner" MLB than batters were.

I'm glad that Mr. Keegan mentions Mantle's knee meds, because it brings up a point that no one ever seems to mention when it comes to the heros of the game: cheating to gain a competitive edge in sports is not new. It's not new to MLB, or any sport. If we believe that pre-steriods players didn't cheat (wildly) we're just deluded enough to stick with "believing" in professional sports, and we're just deluded enough to think that some cheaters belong in the HOF while others don't. If Bonds had been the media darling that the narrow-minded wanted him to be, I think he'd be in the HOF. If he'd have had more Willie Mays/Michael Jordan and less Jack Johnson/Bill Russell, I think the public perception/media opinion of him would be a bit different.

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Notebook: Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde visit Allen Fieldhouse

Haha on the losing coats! DING!!! Been there as a kid, and as a parent, and as a teacher.

I was lobbying here and in the "real" world for OurSelf to let PE breathe a little bit. You can't treat a super-smart, super-gifted athlete the same way you can an average smarts (or below), gifted athlete. You just can't. I was thinking that if HCBS wasn't careful we'd be seeing PE tearing it up somewhere like Gonzaga. I had the same feeling about a couple of other players, but it looks like the light has come on. Plasticity - brains change as we learn.

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Notebook: Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde visit Allen Fieldhouse

Paul Pierce would've/could've gotten it done (at least had a better chance to) while at KU if he and other good players hadn't had to watch a certain point guard bounce the ball around when they were in the half-court. With a different (OurSelf style) PG things might've looked quite a bit different.

I get the sentiment of what you're saying though, and I agree that his jersey should be rafter-bound ASAP, even if I don't think he was more deadly than "The Truth". Close, I'd say, but not better.

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A closer look at why KU's inbounds plays worked against Ohio State

741hawk said the truth. Both Newell and Tait bring so much knowledge to the readership that it's nice to see. I don't know what other boards have, but I doubt they have an answer for these 2.

Like HEM said, there are many, many options out of this box set. BITD, I used to set them up in stack (everyone sees the box), then run box set quick-hits out of the stack. If the 'D' takes away the first option (weak-side layup w/ the 2nd guy in the stack), the first guy (nearest the ball) has gone up the lane and is coming back down to get a screen from the 3rd guy (who releases out to the top) in the stack: usually an and-1. Once they start cheating that there are other options, and they all end in layup/dunks and/or and-1. We'd score on teams in a tight 2-1-2, and we never changed a thing. I don't remember a recent time when we looked to score directly from underneath as often as we do this year. We haven't had McElmore though.

He's gifted, but do you think he'd be the player he is if he didn't love what he's doing?

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Years in Japan shape KU forward Landen Lucas' outlook

Maybe fore the first time, I'm going to admit that I thought the same thing as ahpersecoachingexperience. I wasn't necessarily thinking of KSU, but it did cross my mind that he better never run for President.

Thanks for rebounding that shot, ahperse. Thanks for kicking it back out and giving me another chance to shoot it.

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Andrew White III catches fire, helps KU torch Belmont

I've liked 'Rio's game. I don't care for the eye-rolling, and "dissapointed" look on his face and his nearly-constant downcast body-language. His effort is ahead of his ability at this level, or at least it is ahead of what he's been allowed to show thus far.

His defensive effort is there, but he seems a bit harum skarum - on both ends - when he's out there.

He's playing behind some pretty good guards, and he's playing behind some other guards that have more years in the "system" than him. If he decides to stick, his time will come. If he doesn't decide to stick, I wish him the best. I DO think he offers us some talent if he's able to hang tough for a year or 2.

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Opinion: Travis Releford making coach look prescient

Let us not pretermit that Relly played out of position for at least a full season. That might well be one of the reasons that he isn't closer to, or even over the 1,000-point mark. He's also played on KU squads w/ Sherron, Tyshawn, TRob, The Twins, etc, so he hasn't had to be a scorer/hasn't had the opportunity to be a scorer.

T. Releford's true value - if looked at over time, and as a complete body of work - is his flexibility and adaptability. He's been a red-shirt Soph, a lock-down defender, an undersized 4, a finisher, a shooter (saw him go lights-out in Vegas a couple of years ago and a few times since), a role-player AND a leader. OurSelf was looking at using him as a 1 - if we truly believe that (I don't), but it wouldn't surprise me if he could play it.

While on the subject of prescience, I've always admired whomever it was that saw enough potential in Kevin Young to bring him here. This kid sat OUT a year and didn't play any basketball. I would love to hear the story of how we identified him as a target and how we brought him here. Like Relly, dude is a gamer.

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