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Tiger coach laments War’s end

Maybe we could continue the rivaly under certain conditions? Since Missouri took their ball, like babies, and bolted to the SEC for more money, maybe we could charge them about a $1,000,000 fee to play us, since they are going to be so flush with cash.

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Big 12 releases KU football schedule

Granted, I haven't done research on what common opponents from last year lost and are bringing in this year. There are also all the variables (new coaching staff, players lost, performance of new players both freshmen and JC transfers, etc.) with the KU program to considered,but I think 6-6 is a realistic expectation for this season. First win all the non con games for 3 wins, then Baylor, Tech, and Iowa State for the remaining 3 wins. Yes, Baylor is an away game, but we kicked the crap out of Baylor for 3 quarters last year and they had the POY at quarterback. Can't believe they have someone as good as RG3 waiting in the wings. A one point loss last year to a win this year. Iowa State was also a game that we had control of for half the game and lost it late on a field goal. Plus this game is at home and should be winable without you know who at the helm. Lastly, TT is away and our past record there is not great, but again that was a close loss (11 pts) last year and I have faith that HCCW will have a program that is much improved over that performance.

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Official: Charlie Weis to be named next KU football coach Friday

Hard to believe CW is the answer

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Cliff's Notes: Bill Self press conference, 11/28/11

I agree with a lot of the positive comments for Whitey. He has had a positive impact offensively and blocked some shots, but he still has a long way to go defensively. Plumlee man handled him similar to Cole Aldrich dominating North Carolina;s Tyler Hansbrough in the NCAA tourney. If Duke needed a basket all they had to do was get a Withey-Plumlee matchup and it was an automatic score.

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Sharing the blame: KU's offense, defense both struggle late in Jayhawks' 45-34 loss to Texas Tech

To say that the offense is ahead of the defense is obvious, but HCTG has over recruited offensive players and neglected the defense. When you score 34 points in a football game you should win 10 out of 10 of those games. Everyone sees that we have huge problems with the defense, but our offense could be better also. It's amazing that all we heard about in the preseason was the stable of speedsters that we have for running backs, but we very seldom use that speed to attack the edge, where huge chunks of yardage can be made. We also very seldom use any kind of misdirection instead relying on our speedsters to choose a hole up the middle where there are 300+lb lineman and 225+lb linebackers waiting for them. I also thought that Webb was touted as being pretty quick and I wondered why he doesn't run the ball more often. I got educated today because he is as slow as frozen mollasses. Our play calling is way to predictable. The point of running the ball to set up the pass is an excellent football strategy, but we never call a pass on an obvious rushing play. It would be interesting to plot our run to pass percentage on first down. If I were a defensive coordinator I would stack my defense for the run on first down. 2nd down and one, a great play action passing down--nope--run it up the gut-

Our 3rd quarters are crap because good football coaches make adjustments at half, and we seem to be clueless in this area. There definitely needs to be a coaching change on the defensive side of the ball and maybe at the head coaching position.

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Big 12, Big East start picking up pieces

Why doesn't the Big 12???? have a Big 12???? network like the Big 10? Maybe the league should look into in and exclude Texas since they are intent on keeping their own network. It seems like they got a big payout, but none of the major broadcasting companies have picked it up. Maybe ESPN is funding the Texas Network, but could find it was a bad investment??? Seems like they still want everything if the network is off limits. A more reason and obvious solution would be to have the league create a Big 12 network and share equally, but I guess Texas might take their ball and go home if that happened.

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Former KU football coach Mark Mangino would be a good fit at Nebraska

Anybody see the Boise State coach grab his player by the shoulder pads during their bowl pregame activities and back him him down real quick-- all the while in his face verbally--all on national TV. Wouldn't be surprised if the pansy KU fans aren't calling for him to be fired. Bet he gets fired--not!!! Gool luck Coach Mangino whereve you land!!

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All eyes on Pick: Gill will be watching QB closely in his first start for KU

Does anyone know if Saturdays game will be on J-TV or is there another place I can watch the game. I can't get the regional broadcast.

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Did Xavier Henry make the right decision by declaring for the 2010 NBA Draft?

X will soon be the poster boy, at the end of the NBA bench, of "WHY NOT TO BE ONE AND DONE". Maybe KU can bring him back to talk with other players who have grandeous delusions that they are prepared for the NBA. Not sure what HCBS saw to say that X was ready for the NBA. I must have been watching a different game all season long.

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