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Ex-Jayhawk Peters cleared to play for Arizona

Wouldn't you like to know why Peters left KU and didn't return? I would. Any theories?

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Ex-Jayhawk Peters cleared to play for Arizona


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Opinion: Charlie Weis too ambitious in trying to balance coaching, coordinating

If money were Bill Self's motivating factor, he'd be in the NBA now. He is the highest paid college coach and earns it. If we lose him, we lose our identity in sports. Coaches such as he don't come along very often.

I liked Mark and thought he got a raw deal. But he ain't coming back, so forget it.

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Opinion: Charlie Weis too ambitious in trying to balance coaching, coordinating

I think Weis ought to continue as offensive coordinator and hire a head coach.

On a serious note, Rice has a good team. They played Texas A&M close in the first half and for the entire game better than a 21 point victory would normally indicate. A&M nearly beat #1 Alabama. To put it simply once more, Rice has a good team and will probably win their division of Conference USA. The challengers who will push them are Tulsa, UNT, and maybe Tulane. Personally I hope the University of North Texas beats them.

Weis has a pretty good team, and in my opinion ought not to be criticized for this loss. His problem is that KU is in a powerful league. #6 Texas A&M's respectable showing in the SEC, the power league in university football, indicates as much. Rock Chalk, KU, and Rock Chalk, Charlie Weis.

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Lakers give Xavier Henry a shot

I hope all of this committing to KU turns out to be true. KU will surely Rock Chalk if that's the case, Great Job Bill.

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Lakers give Xavier Henry a shot

I wondered if he would have done better in the NBA if he had stayed with the KU program for two years longer. That we will never know. Three million plus in three years would be hard for anyone to turn down, except for a player like Wiggins. If Xavier is going to get 900 thou from the Lakers, they will not cut him next year. I think, and hope, he will do well with that team. He is a good fit for them as a back up guard. I think drgnslayr is correct. Xavier will be all right if he banked much of the $3 mill plus. Since Carl is worldly wise I think the son probably has used his income conservatively.

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KU hoops target to pick this week?

Good for Milt. One of my all time favorite Jayhawks. Nice guy. Good Luck, if you need it with your ability.

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Dallas prep Mudiay to choose SMU?

No shock to want to play for one of the greatest coaches in basketball history. Brown, if the players know BB history, is one of the all time greats even if not the greatest. I am surprised he doesn't have only high school all-Americans playing for him.

Hello jaybate! Good Luck and the usual skill this year.

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Opinion: Light fuse, get away: Ten KU athletes who will pack wallop

Sad. But I do not intend to give my name to Facebook. I am done posting. Adieu.

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Standing tall: A look at the top centers in the Bill Self era

Very astute observation.

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