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KU football reveals its first depth chart of 2018

Since we’re ultimately guessing on the strategy behind these picks, my guess is that Beaty heavily weights age and experience over raw talent. He doesn’t seem like a gambler there. Also, my guess is that Bender was chosen because Beaty is in love with Bender’s practice version, not because the o-line is solidified. My fear is that when Bender gets in games against tough teams the practice results don’t pan out.

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David Beaty not interested in putting win-total number on this season's expectations

Totally agree. Not to take away from passing ability, he just doesn't fit the OL weaknesses of our program in past. If Beaty picks him to start, I predict quarterback musical chairs throughout conference play. My fear was waiting until 9/1 to see him trotting out to start, I guess we'll find out sooner.

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Tom Keegan: How many more games for David Beaty?

My guess - 10/21 following blow out loss to Texas Tech, making us 1-6. Not trying to give up on the season before it has started, just trying to look back in October and see if I’m right. I hope the players will prove me wrong!

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Former KU AD Lew Perkins gives school thumbs-up for hiring Jeff Long

Ughh!! No kidding on Perkins, this guy is so bad he helped crash 2 university football programs (KU, WSU), not to mention was basically asked to retire due to his role in the ticket scandal. Why LJW would want his two cents here confuses me.

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FAQ regarding Kansas AD vacancy

I don't agree that Beaty will be fired before the 2018 season even begins. It's just too nonpolitically correct for an incoming AD and I don't think it would be an embraced executive move by all. However, I do see your point regarding the "marketing" of the upcoming season. A fresh coaching change would give some hope to the fanbase, whether false or not.

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Un-hyped Jayhawks don't mind entering season without buzz

Yeah, I remember one of the early games where Bryce Torneden was beat badly 3-4 plays in a row resulting in at least 1 given up touchdown. He was out of his natural physical position, but still bad.

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Nonconference, season-finale kickoff times announced for KU football's 2018 schedule

Not to pile on here, but for example, “Your bank account has a balance of -$10,000 dollars and has carried that balance consecutively for 11 months.” That truth hurts, but is not arguable if it’s the actual account balance. Benton’s last sentence is very similar.

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Tom Keegan: KU needs to find the department leader who can find the football leader

Bryson = Zenger? Could that explain the email updates? 😁

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Ryan Willis, Jace Sternberger star in spring games

I read the back and forth in the commentary on this site, and the second half of your comment (not the first) gives me hope that our KU football fanbase is not as divided as American politics are. As much chipping at each other as there is, at least we can agree on some basic facts. Our line play has been troubling, and this year doesn't look promising with the loss of Ribordy. Not that I don't have faith in Tovi, but we've yet to see.

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Kansas football crowds smallest in power five

All arrows seem to point to who's in charge. And too many people think spending boatloads of money on new facilities is the main responsibility of an AD. Shame.

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