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FINAL: Hot shooting lifts KU to 84-72 victory over Nebraska


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FINAL: Unbeaten no more: No. 1 KU falls to No. 16 Tennessee, 76-68

Not playing Elijiah Johnson, particularly in a game against superior athletes, is crazy. It seems Self has decided the safest path to success is just to add a decent outside shooter with range (Xavier) to last year's line-up and not mix it up anywhere else. This team won't go anywhere that way. We must win with numbers, switching defenses and constant pressure. The 2010 Hawks are nothing like the 2008 team. But that doesn't mean it can't be good. It's time get creative.

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FINAL: Unbeaten no more: No. 1 KU falls to No. 16 Tennessee, 76-68

Someone other than Cole has got to get aggressive inside. And if we can't stay in front of these guys on defense, we might have to go zone. Give Elijiah a shot. He can at least match Tennessee's athleticism.

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Buffalo’s Gill: Witnesses of UB turnaround have utmost confidence in coach

Rivals is reporting that T. Gill just landed a DB from Texas, presumably one of the guys who came in for yesterday's game. Anyone have more information?

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Turner Gill moves quickly to put new coaching team together

Coach Gill will ink a top 20 class on a consistent basis and will ignite that belly fire that is essential for football success. Like Quiggly said, "The players will want to fight for him." On offense, I predict we'll land a five-star dual threat QB within two years. (Turner Gill and Chuck Long -- you can't get much better than that.)

On defense, let's just keep it simple. Recruit better, tougher defensive athletes and teach them the fundamentals -- tackling, pursuit angles, getting off blocks, etc. Then turn them loose in an aggressive man-to-man set and hope they make more plays than mistakes. Fun football for players and fans alike.

It's a great day to be a Jayhawk!

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

I support TG without reservation. Bring in good assistants and things will work out well. There is a dearth of character in college sports (and everywhere else for that matter). Mr. Gill, please prove that you can win with character. But win nonetheless. You will be big time if you do. You have my support.

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At Fambrough’s urging, fans show support for KU football

Amazing! Lew has many faults, but I never thought one of them was amateurism. Note to AD.: If you are going to conduct a witch hunt -- which this clearly is -- you had better have all the high priests on board. Someone is going to get burned at the stake, and it's not clear now whether it will be the coach or his boss.

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Stay or leave? It's business as usual for Mangino in wake of probe

The Retention Agreement contains a provision for liquidated damages in the event of termination "without cause," but that provision appears to apply only to liability under the Retention Agreement. I hope there is some sort of liquidated damages, or buyout, provision in the principal employment contract. Please, LJW, consult with a lawyer and report on his/her legal opinion concerning the university's potential exposure. Over the past week you've given conflicting reports. We need better analysis.

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Wright’s role clarified

Mike Leach has his quarterback change the name on his jersey to "Nick" to motivate him to play like Nick Reid. What? And Leach says, "I’d actually like to have a picture of Nick Reid." What? Leach is the oddest of odd ducks.

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