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Tom Keegan: Pooka Williams, through the eyes of a Louisiana high school football fan

I lived in South Louisiana for quite a few years. My daughters biggest soccer win in HS was in a playoff game at Hahnville. The thing to know about Louisiana is it's the mirror of Kansas. Nuts about football, basketball sucks, Kansas is nuts about basketball and football sucks. Hopefully we can turn the corner with some Cajun talent.

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The most memorable moments from 120 years of Kansas Basketball

Since I went to KU starting in 1985 (lucky me) my favorite of all time, easy!

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks far more effective with Azubuike on the floor

Way to state the obvious Mr. Keegan.

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Jayhawks drop two spots to No. 12 in latest AP poll

We were a 6th seed in 88.

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How Kansas can clinch more than a share of Big 12 title No. 13 on Wednesday night

I'm gonna see the Jayhawks in person Saturday night in Texas, my 2nd live Jayhawk action since I graduated in 1988! (the other was the NC game against Kentucky) I'd be bummed if I don't get to see Frank and Devonte and Josh and Landen on the floor!

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KU's NCAA tourney success, failure tied to title game in 14 of past 30 seasons

I wrote the same thing over at

Didn't see Matt's article at all when I wrote what I wrote.

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Column: KU vs. WSU? Yes, please

Anyone liberals disagree with is a right wing wacko. And I thought they were the tolerant party.

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Busted: Crunch-time 'D' costs Kansas again

This is a hack piece unfortunately. There is no newspaper called the Pasadena Post. I'd like to believe it's true and see UK's kingdom fall with it, but there's very little verified truth to any of it.

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Bill Self says there's no news on Cliff Alexander situation as work-week begins

Cliff's team was upset in the early rounds of the tournament last year.

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KU 8-21 vs. NCAA finalists

Didn't we beat Kentucky 150-90?

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