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New KU deal with ESPN+ means Jayhawk TV Network will be available nationwide without blackouts

Venable, why don't you take another 10 seconds to actually read the question that was asked. The question was NOT

"What is this ESPN+ thingy?"

It was asking if all access will still be available on ESPN3 as it has been in the past. For those who have been able to watch KU online via ESPN3 it would be a loss if we had to now pay to subscribe to ESPN+ in order to get the same access that we got with our regular cable subscription.

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'Ready to play': Kansas DBs impressed by true freshman CB Corione Harris

If you don't care about practice why are you reading an article on practice? Just stick to the box scores. I doubt anyone cares to hear comments about practice from someone who doesn't care about practice.

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Assistant football coach offices equipped with revolving doors at Kansas

From this table it looks as though Meacham's twin brother was brought on as WR coach so Doug could focus on the OC duties.

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Some hope for Daylon Charlot's future with Kansas

Wrong. ALL coaches need to say certain things, or avoid saying them. Try again

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NCAA basketball coaches, Adidas executive among 10 charged in bribe scheme

Don't think for a moment that this is over. They have people in cuffs who will undoubtedly make deals for leniency. As rampant as this system is today I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning of the heads that will roll.

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Tom Keegan: James McClinton deserves banner on Memorial Stadium exterior

Also, what's this about a Rose Bowl team?

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Tom Keegan: James McClinton deserves banner on Memorial Stadium exterior

Dorance Armstrong has a banner up already?

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Self will seek to fill scholarship opened up by Whitman departure

There was another scholly because they gave it to Whitman. There would be no reason at all to boot Coleby for Whitman. Coleby showed he can contribute some positive minutes providing everything you want of your backup bigs. You never know what you will get out of a grad transfer. Too risky a swap. Don't think it was about getting rid of Coleby because that just makes no sense.

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