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Kansas powers its way to first Big 12 softball victory, 12-4, over Iowa State

I’m curious to know how the team can have 15 conference losses but only 14 overall losses. It currently reads that 15 of their 14 total losses came in conference play.

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Tom Keegan: Future as bleak as the present for Kansas football

The performance on the field speaks for itself. Since this is really all about money I have a few questions.

1) Do people recognize that there are people fighting over seats in a 16,300 seat venue where the event lasts roughly 2-2.5 hours while the university can't give away tickets to a 50,000+ seat venue where the event last 3-3.5 hours. That is a significant loss in ticket and concession revenue. If this is going to be run like a business then that revenue gap in football must be addressed.

2) With that in mind, how have donations to the Williams Fund been from those who do not hold mens' basketball tickets? I'm going to guess that non-basketball based donations are declining. This is why the select-a-seat process is changing next year. The only means to increase revenue is to do it via mens' basketball.

3) How is the athletic department preparing for the next generation of "big donors?" The current regulars are for the most part 70+, with several at or over 80.

If this is a performance business then show us the performance...either with on-field results or financial.

At the end of the day, on a personal level, I'm just sad that I can't get excited for KU football. I love game day. I love going to games, but not these. I have no desire to spend a Saturday afternoon watching them get destroyed. It just isn't fun. That's what bothers me the most.

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Josh Jackson expected to announce decision at 7:30 p.m.

And KU it is...welcome

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KU soccer to play host to Mizzou Sunday in NCAA Tournament

I am fairly certain the term "College Cup" is used for the round of four. Kind of like "The Final Four" in the basketball tournaments. The tournament, in general, is not considered "The College Cup." Just to clarify. You can note that statistics are kept for teams regarding "Most Tournament Appearances" and separately "Most College Cup Appearances" and "Most Championships."

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KU freshman Joel Embiid headed to NBA Draft

See the link below. This indicates early entry players must declare their intent to enter the draft by April also says they can withdraw until June 16. I would say he is gone, but provided he doesn't hire a agent he has quite a it of time to withdraw.

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Notebook: Naadir Tharpe to miss KU's season-opener; Self says redshirts still possible

I'm just curious why Naadir is being forced to miss the opener. North Carolina player JP Tokoto is being punished for "unapproved participation in summer league games in Milwaukee" (per and he will "miss the November 1 exhibition game against UNC Pembroke." Can anyone clear this up for me? UNC player gets to miss an exhibition game, KU player has to miss the season opener?

"Tokoto will be available to play in the season opener Nov. 8 against Oakland."

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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

Let's clarify something first. I am just posing this question. Does this say ESPN3 will be the EXCLUSIVE carrier of said events, or will carry them? I have lived outside Jayhawk territory for quite a few years now (no Jayhawk network etc) yet I've been able to watch MANY basketball and football games on ESPN3 because they have been on there as well. The way I read this agreement is not that ESPN3 will EXCLUSIVELY carry these events...just that they agree to carry them.

I don't believe this will black anyone out from events they would have been getting in prior years. It just means if one doesn't have access to ESPN3 then perhaps they still won't get to watch the relays on TV or additional softball/womens basketball etc.

ESPN3 will be an ADDITIONAL carrier of events already on the local channels, and will agree to televise some events that are not part of the Jayhawk network etc.

Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

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KU's Vollmer wins NCAA Outdoor heptathlon title; women's team still leads

Indeed, KU 57. Best possible for LSU 56. Best possible for A&M 50. Best possoble for Oregon 48 (I think, regardless, no points in the 1500 eliminated Oregon).

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KU's Vollmer wins NCAA Outdoor heptathlon title; women's team still leads

CLINCHED IT! National Champs! Congratulations to all the athletes! Very proud!

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Notebook: KU shuts down Crockett; Self says possession-arrow rule 'makes zero sense'

Kind of like the smirk I have on my face that my post could draw such a reaction from you?

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