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Behind 11 triples, No. 3 Kansas rolls past Oklahoma State for 65-50 road win

Yikes! I missed watching the game. Dummy me taped the game on ESPN, found my mistake over morning coffee. Glad KU got the W! This season has been a bit of a struggle, maybe 1 Big and 4 Small going forward will help the flow.

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Benton Smith: Jayhawks should be even tougher to beat with McCormack back — as a backup

From Bryce to Brett to Bandle! Double Play?

Hey Tony, you lost me. Who the heck are Chip and Jo Jo?

The "Silvio" Lining in the Suspension, it forces Bill to play 4 Small and 1 Big.

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KU game at Oklahoma State moves to ESPN2

Oops! I missed the Memo!

I DVR'd ESPN on DIRECTV Guide (said KU-OSU).

I was going to watch over morning coffee, no KU game!

First game I have missed in several years. Oh well.

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Game Day Breakdown: No. 3 Kansas at Iowa State

Steaming about Streaming. Another Game absent from my DIRECTV account.

Will Stream of course, no other choice if I want to watch Live.

The Starting Combo of Udoka and David should be called the LO LO Offense.

KU seems to start games a bit sluggish, then Bill reverts back to 1 BIG.

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Jayhawks sense buzz leading up to Sunflower Showdown in Lawrence

The KU theme song for the week is "What's the Buzz? Tell me what's a Happening?" from Jesus Christ Superstar.

The KU Offense has certainly shown a step change improvement! The Key to Victory is a step change improvement from the KU Defense, now led by D.J. Eliot. Rock Chalk!

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Even with added pressure, Jalen Wilson is comfortable with expectations of upcoming freshman season

Mark my words, Jalen Wilson has the potential to be the next D.J. Wilson!

(D.J. played at Michigan and now resides on the Mil. Bucks bench. I even saw Frank Mason sitting next to him, but in street clothes).

Rock Chalk! Bring on the Blue Devils and Rat Face!

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Devon Dotson back, Isaiah Moss still sidelined as KU's exhibition finale approaches

A rolling stone gathers no moss?

Wow! Must be one heck of an ornery hamstring injury!

Isaiah needs to listen to some classic Stones Albums!

Bring on the hated Blue Devils and Rat Face!

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Shane Jackson: KU’s depleted defense records crucial stops in 37-34 win over Red Raiders

The Bad News is that the KU Defense continues the historical trend of appearing to be like "Swiss Cheese".

The Good News is that KU Posters are no longer blaming Clint Bowen for this unfortunate situation!

Rock Chalk.

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Specialists steal spotlight in wild KU football victory

Benton Smith is a Genius. He predicted KU 37 - TT 31.

Douglas Coleman III is my Hero. He deserves the Game Ball!

Rock Chalk! KState Game will be the Litmus Test.

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Jayhawks spread the field to unlock offense's potential

Hey! I have an Idea (brainstorming session)!

Can we design some plays with both Pooka and Khalil on the field at the same time? Slash Herbert through the middle with Williams circling the perimeter.

Rock Chalk!

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