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Kansas football 2018 season-opener shapes up as compelling matchup

I suggest that the revamping of the stadium includes putting nets around the outside of the stadium walls. There are, and I'm one, fans who no matter how bad it gets, still go to the games or watch on TV. Most of the time we don't feel too good after the games and I don't want to see anyone get hurt if they "fall" over the edge of the stadium.

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KU coach Bill Self confident freshman forward Billy Preston will be back but unsure of when

Many have mentioned drinking. Texting is just as likely to cause an accident and is much more prevalent.

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KU football coach David Beaty 'not at all' concerned about contract or future with program

Yes John, just a little humor. You haven't seen one good or even mediocre Kansas team, and yet you keep buying season tickets. Don't feel you're alone, I tend to watch every televised Kansas game myself to the bitter end, ie. masochism.

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KU football coach David Beaty 'not at all' concerned about contract or future with program

Season ticket holder for the last 5 seasons huh? I'm sure there is a masochist support group somewhere near you.

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How active college coaches stack up in NCAA tournament during Bill Self's time at Kansas

Of course you would have to ask if on the times the 'Hawks have not lived up to their seeding, is it because they didn't play to their seeding or were they seeded too high?

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Joel Embiid 'thankful' for time at KU

I don't think Joel would have contributed anymore to KU BB had he stayed. As well as KU's rehab department seems to be, see Brandon Rush, Joel missed BB the next two years while rehabbing with the 76ers. I would guess with the millions they had invested in him, he received top shelf rehabilitation where that was his only mission, not going to class to get ready for his economics 101 finals.

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New KU point guard Charlie Moore thinks he can make U19 USA Basketball roster

Anybody know if spectators are allowed at any of the Colorado Springs activities?

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So what happens if Svi leaves Kansas?

I hope you're right about Azibuike, but I'll remain concerned until I see him stay out of foul trouble. If I was an opposing coach I would go out of my way to draw fouls and at least early on, I expect it will work. I have no doubt he is a stud and can be a monster for Kansas, but I expect patience will be needed. As far as Embiid goes, he may be the single most anticipated player I personally have seen. I know it seemed like every media spotlight was on Wiggins the summer prior to their year at KU, but Self made some comments about Embiid that led me to watch a lot of videos of him that you could see made me think even back then that his ceiling was higher. The way he moved even during high school was unlike any Kansas center I had seen. He didn't have moves then, but the things he did were so quick and smooth. Even at that, I couldn't have imagined that he would develop so quickly. On top of his athletic talent, Embiid had a bit of bad boy in him ( I think from what I've seen Azibuike might have this too.) Nobody was going to push him around or cheap shot him without repercussions.

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So what happens if Svi leaves Kansas?

I pretty much agree with Suzi regarding Preston and Azubuike. I do disagree with Svi playing the 4 as I just haven't seen him ever really compete inside. I think he needs to stay at the 3. As far as Azuibuke, yes he will probably start. The question is whether he can stay on the floor. Remember Withey as a sophmore? Foul a minute. No, I don't think Azuibuke will be quite that bad, but I think asking for 25 minutes may be a bit much, especially after sprinting up and down the floor, becoming tired, and guarding smaller, quicker players. Preston is an unknown. Talented, yes. So far though, I've not been impressed with his effort. I will admit that I have seen limited video of him and never seen him in person. We have been treated to two freshman the last two years with very high motors. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Suzi is right.

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Notebook: Jayhawks feel Josh Jackson's absence; Svi breaks out of slump

Define face plant? First round, second round?

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