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Point guard Dajuan Harris commits to Kansas

"when I played BB in high school, we were not allowed to dunk the ball, it was a technical foul"

Yeah, me too. That's what kept me from dunking, Well that and maybe the rim was too high.

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Lagerald Vick taking 'leave of absence' from KU basketball team

I guess your definition of frequently is probably any number of times you have done this plus one, therefore it hasn't been frequent. If Brett has interjected political attacks into sports commentary (simply using an avatar showing his support is not attacking anyone) it is inappropriate.

As for calling someone stupid for asking the reason for making political comments on a sports comment board, I wonder if you see the irony?

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Lagerald Vick taking 'leave of absence' from KU basketball team

I'm curious Jay, why is it that you so frequently want to get into political bickering on this site? I'm sure a lot of fans on this site agree with your political leanings and a lot oppose, but what does it add to the discussion

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KU AD Jeff Long follows interesting coaching names on Twitter

We may not win any Big 12 games, but look at all the Homecoming games we are invited to!

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'Younger' Jayhawks make unofficial debut at Late Night

I see in the box scores that Azubuike shot two free-throws. Anybody see the game? How did he look form wise?

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Vick's return gives KU a loaded roster, but Bill Self has recent experience handling such a luxury

I think I didn't communicate my take on Diallo well. I did not expect him to put the ball in the hole for KU. His hustle to get to every loose ball and help on defense is what I expected. His motor was very impressive, of course that may be because the All Star games often involve guys standing around until they get the ball in their hands. I would guess the reason he got drafted and plays in the NBA is because of his athletic ability, hustle, and drive. It certainly wasn't because of his contribution during his NCAA hamstrung year in Lawrence.

I think I pointed out I haven't seen K.J. play. I don't claim to have low expectations or any expectations of him. I actually remember posting on this site recently that he was actually a very well thought of player coming out of high school. Self himself downplayed the Italy trip competition. Still, I hope you're right.

I just think I see too much counting our chickens before they hatch. So much has to go right to win a national championship. The year Xavier signed with KU I was ecstatic. I thought we had it all. Cole in the middle after a great sophomore year, Sherron running the show after three unstoppable years, the Morris twins providing toughness and punch inside, and the three point shooting of Tyrel and Brady. Xavier was the missing piece, or so I thought. Back then I worked with a person who went to Northern Iowa. She not so gently asked me about the game afterwards. Another example, 1996-97 Jayhawks. I don't know if you are old enough to remember that team. If you are, I am sorry for conjuring up the memory as I'm sure you felt as helpless as me watching our #1 ranked 'hawks, who had stood head and shoulders above every other team in the country, go down in the Sweet Sixteen. My point is I just think it is far fetched to expect any team to win a National Championship based on expectations born in players who starred in high school and haven't played as a team yet.

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Vick's return gives KU a loaded roster, but Bill Self has recent experience handling such a luxury

I'll play the devil's advocate, not because I don't hope you're right, but because the odds are against you and I want to recognize just what it takes to win the NCAA. First, David McCormack was a 4 star recruit by Rivals and the #33 recruit by ESPN. I didn't look up his ranking by any other service, but I want to limit expectations because many of us, and I've certainly been guilty, often expect domination of highly ranked big men. After watching Diallo in the McDonald's game and the Nike game I expected him to dominate through shot blocking and rebounding. He did not. McCormack is not ranked nearly as high.

Second, I don't see us as loaded at small forward. We have one proven player, LaGerald Vick and he hasn't mastered turning his athleticism into consistent points or a defensive blanket. Garrett I love defensively, not so much offensively. I hope he works all summer on his shot because he needs to improve it and to gain the confidence that only comes from watching it go through the hoop. I have no doubt he will put in the work. You don't become a defensive stopper he is by not being willing to put in the work. K.J.? I haven't seen him play. Sam? He is willing to put up shots, but I have yet to see him play defense effectively and play well off the ball.

Elliot and Luinstra redshirt? They're walk-ons. I'm sure their families are thrilled that they will be on the Jayhawks this year. Are they so thrilled that they would like to pay for an extra year of school so they can play basketball?

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Dedric Lawson says brother, K.J., has 'improved a lot'

I found this article interesting. I had no idea K.J. had been so highly regarded out of high school.

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Saturday Squeaker: Azubuike's career night lifts Jayhawks past Nebraska

They really weren't stymied by Washington's zone either. Vick had shot after shot after shot within 5 ft of the basket. He made a lot and had a career night, but he missed quite a few bunnies too. Offense wasn't the problem. We forced some 3 pointers admittedly and shot miserably from the three, but Washington gave us Vick's 5 foot shots all night. Our defense allowed unranked and picked 10th in the Pac-whatever to come in and shoot 48% overall and 43% from the 3 line. That is where we lost.

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