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Matt Tait: Beer sales at Memorial Stadium worth the risk for Kansas football

Bad idea...PERIOD!!!!!......most schools are rejecting it across the country.

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'One of the coolest things to happen to Kansas Athletics': Bill Self captivated by Gary Woodland's U.S. Open victory

Congrats on winning a National Championship !!!!!!!....WELL DONE!

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Big 12, ESPN announce new deal making select KU games only available online

I find the radio to be a great change of pace....not all the time ..but once in a while.....i enjoy the visualization.

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Quentin Grimes says goodbye to Kansas, declares for 2019 NBA Draft

Q..........test the waters...but do not close the door to coming back...I think your game would benefit from one more season here.....I think you will end up with a sweeter contract after some huge production here next season....we want you back!

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Big 12, ESPN announce new deal making select KU games only available online

I think too many games are televised...I don't need to see the cupcakes...the important games will still be on.....I won't miss not seeing the Emporia St..and Washburn a life people..I love my Hawks...but I am not less of a fan if I don't care about meaningless scrimmage games.

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Former Adidas executive agrees to pay KU for his part in illegal pay-to-play scheme

EVERYONE CHEATS...ITS BEEN THAT WAY SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME...HELLO?...You people can't possibly be that dumb.

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Sophomore guard K.J. Lawson leaving Kansas

Good Luck K.J. ...appreciate your contribution to the are really going to be good somewhere next have a lot of talent and I look forward to following your career and I will be checking your box scores wherever you end up...make sure you pick a place that will let you do your thing....I think you are a star on the rise!

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Matt Tait: With Coach Cal in for life at Kentucky, will Kansas, others follow suit?

Bill Self is the best basketball coach in America...his record speaks for itself...It is better than Coach stands YES.... a Lifetime contract should be obvious....14 Conference championships in succession....HELLO?......who else can say that....the most realistic goals are conference championships and conference tournaments....he stands alone...its nice to say you won a National Championship......but those are rare........too many variables.......especially since the expansion to 64....The Ucla teams only had to win 4 you have to win 6.....when you are 50 and look back at your career...conference championships and tournament championships leave the great memories and the satisfying thoughts of accomplishment.......all of Selfs' teams have enjoyed that......thanks to his brilliant YES!!!!!!...extend Coach for life and hopefully he will be here for another 20 years!

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Kansas coach Bill Self recommending time off for 'tired' Jayhawks

Not a big fan of Garrett....not because of his effort....but he is an unpredictable never know what he is going to do...a lot like Vick...I do like Q...Dotson and McCormack...the rest can transfer if they like and free up some spots....just an opinion

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Sophomore guard Charlie Moore to transfer from KU

3 of the Final Four teams we have played...2 we have beaten...we beat Mich St.

easily .....and blew out TT in Dr. Allens house...and we did not play folks....we were a good team this year....just had a case of the hiccups.

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