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Jeff Long out as KU athletic director amid fallout from football coach's departure

Embarrassing to say the least....Les
'no fire in the belly"Miles...gets canned...Jeff Long?...What a head scratcher.....where do go from here?....Nolan Cromwell....would you please come back here and coach this team!.

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football at No. 20 K-State

And Yes...Phog coached everything when he was here..Just A FYI

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football at No. 20 K-State

Alright it is....Its time to stop being losers...its time to start giving it everything you have in every area of your life...starting with making your bed every morning upon rising...having a routine..that involves complete and total focus on the job...Kansas States' talent level is badly do you want it?...Miles...if you want me to come down there ...I 2 years we will win championships...I am 62 years old and I know how to win...its time to start winning in all areas of life...I will do it for free...not millions...I will do it like Phog did it...Material is overrated...whats in your heart people?...Do you like to lose?...Do you like being laughing stocks?...People are laughing at you.. everyone is laughing at you.....are you going to allow that?

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Hall of Famer, former KU football star Gale Sayers dies at 77

I remember my dad yelling at the radio when he had the 99 yard run against Nebraska...He was my dads' favorite player ever and as a kid he quickly became mine as well....I never saw him play in person at KU...but I did see him in an exhibition game...when the Bears played against the Chiefs (66-24 K.C.) before the merger at old Municipal Stadium...eons ago...WHAT A BALLPLAYER!!!!!

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Gameday Breakdown: KU football vs. Coastal Carolina

I have talked fire in the belly issues before....I was a Charlie Weis fan until I saw a lack of fire in the belly....Miles is just like fire...we should have blown out Coastal...the thing about fire in the can immediately channel it...if you have the desire to....Will Miles start getting serious....its all about badly do you want to be successful ...all out effort at everything you do...Do I have to come to Lawrence to instill this in these kids and in the whole administration what it takes to be a champion?...Fire in the belly....get with the program people!

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KU men's basketball players express frustrations over abrupt end to 2019-20 season

Great Job this year...Crazy times ...we finished at the top of the is what it is...again...Great job by everyone involved with this years' team...really played some quality ball the last 10 games.

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Matt Tait: Beer sales at Memorial Stadium worth the risk for Kansas football

Bad idea...PERIOD!!!!!......most schools are rejecting it across the country.

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'One of the coolest things to happen to Kansas Athletics': Bill Self captivated by Gary Woodland's U.S. Open victory

Congrats on winning a National Championship !!!!!!!....WELL DONE!

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Big 12, ESPN announce new deal making select KU games only available online

I find the radio to be a great change of pace....not all the time ..but once in a while.....i enjoy the visualization.

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Quentin Grimes says goodbye to Kansas, declares for 2019 NBA Draft

Q..........test the waters...but do not close the door to coming back...I think your game would benefit from one more season here.....I think you will end up with a sweeter contract after some huge production here next season....we want you back!

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