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Kliff's notes: KU’s Weis familiar with Tech coach

Must be you, Charlie is hotter.

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying

He wasn't recruited by Weis, therefore he sux.

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Opinion: Kansas football primed to upset Red Raiders

I ain't seen you since seventh grade. Where you been Mrs. Krabapple, you old
b!tch. Still standing in the hallway and correcting people's grammar I see. Never get tired of that do you?

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs to transfer

Reminds me of the No. 1 Juco RB we had a while back. Hard to believe how bad these recruiting rankings are.

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Notebook: TE Jimmay Mundine responds to benching; KU shuffles offensive line

Read above. Matthews also deserves game ball.

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Ravens sign ex-Jayhawk QB Crist

Tried to focus on Tobem the other night. Didn't think he'd make the first cut. He must have impressed on special teams. Great news.

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Ravens sign ex-Jayhawk QB Crist

Somewhat worried. The reasons are that the O line is the place where the older the better. Not because of talent, but body size. Usually by their 3rd or 4th yr. they are full grown men. Losing 3 is a concern. I really like the one response above fron Cleveland. The left side of the line was strong, the right side weak. The left side is the side we lost.

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Ravens sign ex-Jayhawk QB Crist

We lose 3 starters on the O line and it has improved?? Really??

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Ravens sign ex-Jayhawk QB Crist

So we should get a bunch of crappy college QBs. Keep recruiting the others rejects, cause you might get a shot in the NFL.

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KU walk-on kicker surprises

kellerman411 9 hours, 23 minutes ago
Now that is an indication that we've upgraded talent. When Short steps off the bus and is better than people who have been through spring ball and everything else.

Like when Crist stepped off the bus and he proved to be an improvement over Webb.

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