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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

I really thought they'd wait until Monday morning... Never disliked TG, but never understood the hire either. Lew Perkins, what were you thinking?! If TG was *truly* a man of integrity, he'd return a good chunk of that $10M - for failing to deliver on the terms of the contract. $2M a win. Yikes. Good luck in the future with your millions, TG, and here's to KU's future on the gridiron - with somebody else!

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Toben Opurum on OSU loss: 'It's embarrassing'

Indeed, indeed. Nobody in D-1 is this band on their own. They're being coached to perform at this level. #FireVicShealy

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Former KU football player Anthony Collins at home of Bengals teammate during drug raid

I live in Dayton, OH. Melting my brain to read about the Bungles & their hijinks in the Lawrence, KS sports section! LJW is giving this (the drugs bust) more coverage than our own paper! Maybe we're used to out here, since its been happening over and over and over...

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Defining faces of KU: Perkins, Gray-Little and Self exposed in spotlight

As soon as HCBS believes that the Chancellor and AD are not trying has hard as he is to bring KU basketball to a good home -- he's gone. And if that happens, THAT will be the legacy of these people: The end of big-league KU basketball, maybe forever. If HCBS does leave, it will be b/c of the incompetent administration at this school and their failure of leadership. I couldn't blame him at all. I pray that doesn't happen.

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Examining how pace affects the KU basketball team's defense

You wrote an article and used the term "confidence intervals." that's bold!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

"We appreciate the eight years that Mark has given to rebuilding our football program,” - Kansas Athletics Director Lew Perkins...

Except that MM was *building* it, not RE-building it... Win the Orange Bowl, pack Memorial Stadium with KU fans (instead of KSU, Husker, etc), get KU more attention on the gridiron than ever before, be the most successful coach in 90 years... and what do you get in return? LP's thanks, and a few million bucks, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

He made watching KU football - Reesing, Meier, Briscoe - great, and I'll always be thankful. Definitely deserved a better ending than this one. Godspeed Coach.

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KU football and Ryan Greene — what could be better? (Spodcasters)

Giada?! You guys are hilarious. I would watch her in my free time too...!!

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Boathouse anchors rowing teams

As a KU Crew alum (the club team, that is) I'm absolutely ecstatic about this. The boathouse, since it will be shared by the men and women's club rowing team, is now one of the KUAC facilities that CAN be used by the students!! The boathouse will definitely improve morale, performance, training - not to mention prevent the environmental impacts of storing multi-thousand dollar boats outside in the elements. SASNAK WERC!!!

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So here we are... (Spodcasters)

I am LOVIN the Spodcasters! I keep spreadin' the word about you guys to Rock Chalk Nation in Ohio! I predict PAIN for Memphis! Keep up the great work guys!

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