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Notebook: Bill Self likes Jayhawks' mindset entering Sweet 16

I am of the mindset that any year that doesn't end in a title is a disappointing year. KU is good enough year in and year out to win a title, along with a handful of other teams. I watch every minute of every game and thoroughly enjoy them. There is no reason you cant enjoy the games and still set high expectations. In my lifetime the only time I haven't been disappointed with a season is 1988 and 2008. That doesnt mean I didnt enjoy the other seasons, it simply means my expectations for each year is the same, championship.

Rock Chalk!

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Lucas blueprint the perfect plan for Bragg

I could not have said it better myself Brett. That is exactly what Carlton needs to do, and KU needs him to do if they want to win not only the Big 12 but a Championship. I also agree with Jay in that Self needs to step up and get the most out of Bragg. These are the things that make you a Hall of Fame coach, motivating and inspiring Bragg to be the best he can be.

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Jamari Traylor's alley-oop leading candidate for KU's best dunk of season

Lester Earl Darrin Hancock and Kenny slams!

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Which KU player do you think the World University Games helped the most?

I look at it like this....KU needs leadership and more often than not that comes from your one or two best players. Selden played like the best player on the team for more games consecutively then I have ever seen him play. He didnt have one 30 pt game against Brazil and then single digits the next two games, he showed up every game and made plays. Wayne is now the lead dog on this team, above Perry, above Frank above everyone.

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Survive and advance: USA secures quarterfinals berth by edging Serbia

I get what you are saying Jaston, some good points but by the end of that game, I wanted KU to win and if Self feels like the guys he had in were the best then that is what I believe as well. He can find other times to get those guys minutes in the tourney, this just wasnt the time. IMO

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Mitchell Ballock accepts Curry invite

He sounds a lot like me from my playing days at Imac in Leavenworth.

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Column: Addition makes Kansas Final Four contender

There is a fine line between being pessimistic and negative....

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McDonald’s MVP Diallo commits to Jayhawks

Man I hate to be greedy but one more top guy and a transfer with some experience sure would be nice.

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KU target Newman says he’ll announce on Friday

First off, the OKC job is a potential landing spot for Coach Self and any opinion on what he should do would be biased on my part so all I will say is wish Coach luck in whatever he decides. Second, it sounds like Newman is going to Miss St., wish him nothing but luck and hopefully he doesnt take anyone that KU is interested in with him. Third, I desperately want KU to sign a Diallo or Maker because I feel they have the talent to help KU next year. However, I feel like I have not given the maturity and natural improvement from year to year of our current players "angle" enough credit. We will have mostly the same team as last year but the growth that should happen will make the team better overall. I dont believe any of the potential one and dones left are good enough to take KU from "good enough to make the tourney" to lock final 4 but as I stated I sure would feel better if we could get at least one more. Rock Chalk!

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Race on to land remaining preps

Very exciting...keep up the hard work HCBS and staff, you will get it done!

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