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Tom Keegan: Bill (Forever) Young unsung force behind KU's Orange Bowl team

You lost me with the following:

"The former TU president’s lack of foresight and desire to win the press conference instead of turn the tide of a losing football program was Tulsa’s loss and KU’s gain."

When calling out someone as you do here, you might want to do a bit of research first. You could not be more off base. Tulsa won 1 game in both the '01 and '02 seasons. Prior to the '03 season, TU hired a new coach. As we know, it was not Young. It was Steve Kragthorpe. And since you are clearly unaware, he promptly engineered the nation's biggest turnaround that year. TU won 8 games and played in a bowl game for the first time since '91.

If that does not qualify as "turning the tide of a losing football program," I do not know what does. And the "lack of foresight" you attributed to TU's former president? Is it similar to your "lack of hindsight?"

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