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Lakers give Josh Selby a shot

Nothing can make me a Laker fan. Just like Mario doesn't make me a Heat fan.

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NBA teams size up McLemore, Withey at combine

I wish Twitter didn't exist

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Bill Self OK that shot clock to stay at 35

I don't think I want a former Missou player playing for us. I'm happy the shot clock is staying at 35

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Signee Brannen Greene to visit officially

Dang- 91% from the line sounds pretty good. That's something that theoretically translates no matter what the level of competition.

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Opinion: Note to Self: Hire Mitchell Wiggins

Opinion: Note to Keegan: This is stupid

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Opinion: Note to Self: Hire Mitchell Wiggins

Thank you! It would be a total sleazeball move. Along with what you said, Manning and Chalmers were also on staff for 3 and 4 years. If you hire Wiggins, it's guaranteed for just a year. If this move were to happen where we get father and son Wiggins, my skin would crawl.

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Here's what type of player KU is getting in Hunter Mickelson

Embiid is not a OAD- I would be very upset if he is.

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Former KU players catch on in NBA’s D-League

ooooo Trevor Lacey! We want you!

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Conner Frankamp stands out at all-star game

OK, Wiggins needs to just decide. Where you will spend 9 months is not that big of a deal. He will be the #1 pick next year no matter where he goes.

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