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Jayhawks: Ineffective offense somewhat a result of miscommunication

Those numbers 129/130 offensive efficiency? Gawd awful numbers.

“We’ve just got to do better this coming week,” Parchment said. Really? A profound statement as if there's a chance they may not do better this coming week. I'm concerned as to how they plan to reverse the woes from this article. Miles has a pure football pedigree with some of the top programs in the country. This is where coaches have to shine and coach their players up to being better. How do you miscommunicate so much in a game that you lose? Isn't this a problem you recognize on the field and correct immediately?

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KU football's 1-1 start not in sync with high bar of hope, expectations

Let's not question Miles at this point. He has a 5 year deal. Worse case we renew for 2.5 yrs. He needs time. We'll not find a coach of his caliber. It's not Miles, its subpar recruits. We've got to find a solid QB. I was hoping the kid from Louisiana would've stayed committed. But I watched QB1: Beyond the Lights and frankly, his mother was a little eccentric. He then committed to Maryland of all places. His momma wanted to keep him close to home, but then he commits to Maryland and the ACC. He didn't want a solid football conference.

2-3 star recruits will not cut it at all in the B12. UGH

Its bad enough losing to B12 teams we are expected to lose against, but Coastal Carolina?
I see loses against, OU, OSU, UT, TT, and possibly BU...WVU went down hard Saturday. ISU is going to be tough. KSU will always play KU tough. I didn't see TCU this past weekend.

Here's to "high hopes and expectations". The B12 is not a soft football conference. But it's embarrassing when KU can't take care of these lesser teams.

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Quick recap: KU suffers 12-7 loss to Coastal Carolina

It’s not that we lost, but who we lose to...
I don’t expect this team to win anything any time soon. Most of this team has competed with B12 Power 5 programs and we lose to way lesser teams. It is not too much for this team to represent the B12 and KU against a non-football conference, and expect them to win.
Well, at least West Virginia lost too. Let’s face OU will win their non-con preseason games, except Houston last year. But they may lose and correct their loss.
Miles needs to show improvement. We will not get it done in the B12 with 2 and 3 star recruits. And. I don’t see many 4-5 star recruits eager to commit to KU! Pooka is our only shining star. We don’t have a O line to make him holes. He has to create his own plays. I just want improvement, not necessarily win the B12.

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Why one college football expert thinks KU football will struggle in Les Miles' 1st season

The caption is interesting and not sure if it was obviously intentional or just an accident. I doubt we win the NC, but I expect to be competitive. We may not win the B12, but I hope we can be competitive and at least make some noise in the 4-5 spot of the B12. We've been so close making a strong showing and then it seems the last half of the season tanks.

I'm thinking we'll see more in his second season. I hope we see significantly more in his third. Lastly, I don't think it's impossible to at least rattle that top spot in the B12. I think many are as sick of OU, TT, and UT at the top on the gridiron as much as KU is at the top of the court. If TT can win the B12 in one season, KU can win the B12 at some point. I hope to see KU win the B12 in my lifetime.

I can't wait to see Miles play against OSU.

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Recent roster additions send Kansas climbing in national preseason polls

Garrett spent time with Hudy in the off season...geez

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Twice Is Nice: New Jayhawk Jalen Wilson happy that Round 2 of recruiting led him to Kansas

Awesome work Self and Co. Now, let's get to work and make the most of this season with the deep talent we've acquired. RCJHGOKU

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Iowa grad transfer Isaiah Moss signs with Kansas

This is a huge get and desperately needed to fill that GIGANTIC hole at the 3. I do feel many are being a little too critical of Garrett. He was never brought in to compete much for the 3 slot. He is mostly a 1 or 2. I agree with the criticism, but Moss is likely gone after this year and he does buy Garrett time. This is Garrett’s junior season and I expect him to be the best 6 man off the bench in the B12 or maybe the nation. He is like Mitch and provides those intangibles that do not show in the stats. Garrett had some great games and if he gets it together this year, his size, skill, and IQ are going to be a factor. Since Dotson is back Garrett should be a glue leader. A 6-5 Guard at the 1 or 2 is huge.
I expect Garrett to have an even bigger senior season.

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KU target Jalen Wilson ready for Kansas visit

Jalen Wilson=Romeo Langfordless

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KU target Jalen Wilson ready for Kansas visit

This kids is a great 4star recruit but he acts like KU needs him more then he needs KU. He’s 18 or 19, but this kid needs to grow up a little bit. He’s not the man in high school and he is talking to Blue Blood schools.
I would like him to choose KU, but after seeing some of his videos streamed online, he seems like a spoiled b-ball boy that’s a little full of himself. I think Self can kick his azz real quick. But yes, Juwan Howard will tell this kid whatever he wants to hear. Howard is not a proven coach with any coaching record. Even Penny Hardaway is not that great of a coach. Kids are choosing due to former NBA player status. I can’t believe Manning didn’t get much NBA influence. Manning had way more recruiting success coaching at KU, especially bigs!
I don’t think Howard is a good coaching choice this early, Michigan, maybe. It will be like the kid that went to Indiana and he was a 5 Star. What was his name and where is he now?

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R.J. Hampton sets date for college announcement

Good question. I have an educated guess that Memphis is pretty much not an option. They are fairly full, if not completely full.
Tech is in a rebuilding year and even though they may have plenty of room, I don't see him going there either. They have few returning with experience. He and his dad said they want him to go where he is surrounded by returning experience. Also, Tech doesn't have any returning players that are testing the waters. They are either gone or back.
I think it's safe to say that he is choosing KU. I don't think Dotson is an issue. IF you read what he and his dad have said that Dotson would actually be a big plus for him coming to KU. I think SDS's decision is also a huge plus. All these players are only going to benefit Hampton. Grimes is the X factor and he is gone. Hampton is in Crimson and Blue...RCJHGOKU.

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