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KU volleyball completes sweep of K-State

Great win! Got home in time to watch the 4th set. Didn't know I could get that excited about volleyball, but it happened.

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Freshman Milton Doyle to leave KU men's basketball team

There is no reason to bag on this kid. He represented KU well for a short time and decided to take his game to another school. I don't see the problem. I don't know how much PT he would have gotten but he will probably turn out to be a solid guard on whatever team he ends up playing for. I wish him the best.

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Daymond Patterson is making up for lost time

True, but the good news is that we don't know how good/bad our defense is yet. We added a 5th year senior at DE from Nebraska (great D last year) and he can only help to free up Toben Opurum on the other side. John Williams is healthy again and he was our best DT until he got injured last season. We added some depth to the DT position which was sorely needed. We added a three time super bowl champion as our DC. So who knows, maybe we won't be so bad...then again, maybe we'll still be terrible on D, and this is why they play the games.

Side note: I believe our offense will be able to stay on the field for more than 3 downs which should help rest our D.

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Daymond Patterson is making up for lost time

Unfortunately, you are absolutely right, however, there will be a completely different feel to the losses that we see this season. Much like Mangino's early years, the losses will pile up, but as fans we will be able to see the improved effort and dedication of our players. We'll be able to see a team that is, once again, turning the corner to become a respectable team.

This team has the ability to shock the conference and get 6 wins, but even if that doesn't happen I believe our fans will be able to show pride in this program because our team didn't quit like they did the last 2 seasons.

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What caught my eye at Day 2 of Fall Practice

I hear ya, but even if we could be a top 100 defense instead of dead last or second to last it would be a huge improvement.

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Video: Dayne Crist, Toben Opurum give their reasons for optimism in 2012

Thanks for the vote of confidence. We're certainly excited to have them at KU. I never understood why things didn't work for Dayne at ND after Weis left, but I'm happy it happened that way because we need all the help we can get.

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Gary Woodland moves up to 34th-place tie

Awesome, I hope his success continues! I've heard that he may not be 100% back from injury yet. If that's true, he has much better golf ahead of him, and 34th / 40 grand isn't too shabby for a few days work.

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Selby stars Saturday at NBA summer league

It wasn't a big deal. They played a 40 minutes of hell style game and the Kings didn't have any ball-handlers on the court. Robinson was basically playing the 3 spot and he was expected to help with bringing the ball up the court. When he takes the court with the starting line-up he'll be playing the 4 spot and won't really have any ball-handling responsibilities unless he decides to make a quick move to the hoop from the perimeter. It's just one of those weird line-ups that happens in the summer league games that won't happen during the season.

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Michigan State, Ohio State highlight KU men's basketball nonconference schedule for 2012-13 season

I'm not counting those eggs until they hatch. I think we'll be pretty solid next year, but with so much youth coming off the bench it won't surprise me if we lose a game that we should have won.

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Michigan State, Ohio State highlight KU men's basketball nonconference schedule for 2012-13 season

They would have to 1. Make it to the tournament and 2. Make it out of the first round. Bold prediction 1958.

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