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Opinion: Kansas football primed to upset Red Raiders

The first 3 games have been painful, even though we won two of them. It is pretty obvious that we do not have the horses to win another game this year. Too bad, as many of us have endured this from KU FB year after year after year, except for an occasional blast of euphoria about once every 20 yrs. I will be there as usual and hoping for a miracle but based on what I have seen so far, I don't see a miracle coming down the pike. This team lacks zip, fire, desire, and confidence. Without those and an offensive line, this season is over.

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Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

I tell you what, fellas. I've been a KUFB fan for years and I have suffered through many games where we outplayed the other team only to lose a heartbreaker at the end. So, let's feel good about this one. Every game has its own personality. On paper TT looks like they should pound us. But, who knows. I do know this, I feel pretty darn good right now.

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Kansas football afflicted with dropsies

If Akron can play with the big boys, why not KU? Why? Why? Why?

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Kansas football afflicted with dropsies

More than half the posters on this board say run, run, run. Okay. So we have good backs, but we also have a guy that can throw the ball. Unless we mix it up and keep other defenses off balance, our offense will continue to falter.

This whole fire-Weis stuff comes from the crazies.

However, the La Tech game just became our most important game of the year. I watched La Tech play Tulane the other night, and Tulane manhandled them and the La Tech QB looked horrible. If we don't win this game......

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Opinion: Charlie Weis too ambitious in trying to balance coaching, coordinating

Once again totally disappointed with KUFB. When will we ever get over the hump? Probably not in my lifetime. I have not liked what I have seen in the first two games. Better get 'em ready for Saturday, Charlie. A loss on Sat will end the season. Can we just once have a KU team over achieve? Consistently? Nope. No way, Jose. After all, this is KUFB. This is what we have grown accustomed to. It doesn't matter who the coach is. It doesn't matter who the players are. This is KUFB and this is why the stands empty at half time. When the long time devotees like myself throw in the towel, it's time for the administration to worry. I know, I know. We have only played two games. But, our performance in those two games has been very telling. I am always optimistic prior to the season and then reality hits.

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Kansas linebacker Heeney glum, mum

Yet another bad KUFB team. Yet, we tolerate it. After all, our battle cry, is wait until BB season. Well, I can tell you that us diehard KUFB fans are sick of putting ragtag teams on the field. Do you hear me? Sick of it.

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Opinion: Charlie Weis too ambitious in trying to balance coaching, coordinating

Actorman said it best above. Long time KUFB fans have suffered enough. We are frustrated, angry, disappointed, disenchanted, and resigned to losing year after year and after year. We have perhaps one good team every 20 years. Hells bells if Akron can come within a heartbeat of upsetting Michigan at the big house, where are we? Where is our satisfaction? Is it only in beating a totally outmanned South Dakota State. Is that it? Is that all there is? We supposedly have all these coaching gurus and we put together a game plan that looks like it was drawn up by me. I'm sick of it. Put a good product on the field or give it up. This simply won't do.

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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

Actorman--could not agree with you more. I come into every season optimistic but after seeing our sorry performance against SDSU, I knew we were in for a long season. Before the first game, with all the hype, I thought we were going bowling. After watching the first two games of ineptitude, it looks like we will be lucky to win another game all season. Once again I am a bitterly disappointed KUFB fan. From what I have seen so far, the product on the field is rag-tag. I see little improvement from last year. Every time we lose a game, I convince myself it is because the other team is so good. Now I must accept the fact that we are once again Baaaaad. It is hard being a KUFB fan, and I have been one for 50 yrs.

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Sharing the load: Jayhawks' stable of backs successful in 31-14 win over South Dakota

Defense needs a lot of work against the read option. This was the most glaring deficiency that I saw. Very worried about our D....once again.

Also pass protection not good. But, again, most of the patterns were deep. We threw very few quick passes.

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Coyotes swept up in ‘waves’

could not agree more. Our defense does not look good, especially against the read option. I am not worried about the O, or special teams, or fan support. I am very worried about a defense that could not control the line of scrimmage against a much lesser opponent. From what I saw, much improvement is needed, especially on defense.

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