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Which Jayhawk currently has the most NBA value?


Wright has been around longer, been in more big games, etc. Chalmers has had 1 full season in the league, but his role on the Heat wasn't exactly the main focus. The two are about equal in experience. You are lending too much credence to the # of games started.

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List needs history lesson

Sorry, my parents weren't even born during that time. It's their list, make your own with the 120 schools and let some young/really old person criticize it. Just let us enjoy it.

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If KU wins the national championship in 2009-10 and Sherron Collins ends his career as KU's fourth-leading scorer, would you consider him the greatest KU guard of all-time?

I agree, pro careers shouldn't matter in this. Also, SC had a much bigger role on the title team than CA did.

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2009 Jayhawks fourth in North? I think not

Athlon has KU #1 in North

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Schaake paved the way

Does every one fo your stories have to start with a "crazy old man" lead. Sorry I don't know, and don't care, about some this athlete. Isn't it your job, as the media, to tell us about these people. Yet this is the first I've heard of it from you. Hypocrite, nice.

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Self expects C.J. Henry to push for major minutes

Next task for LJ World: Get new picture of CJ and X

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Self expects C.J. Henry to push for major minutes

Alright, Wall is better than CJ. Let's not be naive just because he is at KU. Wall is a freak of an athlete, and as played basketball in the last 4 years. 100, how do you know how strong CJ is on the bball court? And do you really think Wall wouldn't learn from Self and play the team game? Get real man, take off the Hawk shades for a second. With that said, Rock Chalk!

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U.S. teams to invite Collins, Taylor


The other coach would get to choose to prevent a player from faking an injury, just so that their best free throw shooter can shoot it. I remember in an NBA playoff game, Minnesota v. Sacramento 2004, someone from Sacramento was injured or ejected after getting fouled. The Timberwolves coach (Flip Saunders) chose some scrub off the Kings bench to shoot the free throws, and he came in and made them both.

I don't like it that way, I agree with the other coach being able to choose from the other 4 on the court.

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Cookie says he's ready for KU fans

The Cookie's Gonna Crumble?

C'mon Cookie, this isn't Nebraska. KU fans can come up with something more clever than that. (Though it IS hard to top the "you aren't in Kansas anymore" signs).

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NU’s Sadler not surprised by KU’s record

jaybate, please stop. That was awful.And let's look at Collins leaving early. He is a sub 6-foot point guard. That is not a popular lottery pick, or even a first round pick. And he is still reckless at times, and his style of play will be a difficult transition to the longer NBA.

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