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KU Christmas crisis averted: Jayhawks win at SDSU

Anyone know a good website I can stream the games live on. I'm in the Bahamas and we miss a lot of the games bc of cable package. email at

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Self: USA Basketball speculation ‘not realistic’

#3 is an interesting comment. I doubt you realize the following:

1) That New Providence is not the entire Bahamas (you can not just rent a car and drive through the entire Bahamas)

2) That on that island alone Atlantis is not the only luxury resort nor is it the most exclusive or expensive. (or most modern)

3) That there are luxury communities peppered through out the island catering to pre-madonna American celebrities and European Monarchs (whose taste for luxury may be slightly more discriminating than yours just a tad)

4) The American Ambassador does not live on Paradise Island (maybe the US govt should find her more suitable, comfortable accommodations)

5) The Bahamas enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean

6) The Bahamas unfortunately is one of the most expensive places to live in the Caribbean

7) This is duplicated on multiple islands throughout the archipelago (chain of islands) which is the Bahamas

Furthermore it's nonsensical for an entire place to be luxury, exclusive, especially when the cost of living is already higher.

Your cruise ship must have made an extended stay outside of the usual 10 hours on the mainland for you to comment so broadly and confidently on the entire Bahamas. Yes I am Bahamian and I did graduate from KU.

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Withey signs with Pelicans

I can't wait for the tourney in November. I am from the Bahamas and live here graduated from KU in 2007 and never imagined this would happen. If there is a group of jayhawks as i expect I will be glad to arrange a pep rally/victory party at a local bistro. Anyone interested hit me up

There are 5 jayhawk alums from the Bahamas this is going to be awesome.

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KU women 10th, men 12th at Outdoor

I know from first hand experience just recently graduating from KU that it is not the athletes. The track team has a high standard of athletes that are landed but only certain event groups excell also Stanley does a poor job motivating his athletes. By spring soph. year most are looking to graduation or transfer or just drop out. There lies your problem. Athletes need to buy into the coaching and trust it, that doesn't happen at Kansas.

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Wissel leads KU track

How did Charity Stowers do? She is one to watch on this years team.

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Some at KU weary of goalpost overkill

wat happens in vegas stays in vegas

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Gooden focus for Cavs

it is true that a national championship is a great resume filler but sometimes thats all it is. sometimes staying for your senior year is a signal that you weren't the natural athlete that can jump early and that stereotype can sometimes be more harmful than whats learned that extra year. i dont remember the class he entered the draft with either but the talent in that draft might have been a factor too.

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At UNM, Giddens 'gets it'

i agree seattlehawk. it seems that questioning someones true loyalty to Kansas athletics is worst than blatant racism. it is sad that we live in such a world and the fact that his comments didnt draw more reaction than mind is very concerning.
however it is reassuring (although it seems less significant) to see that there are other people out there that do not see athletes leaving a cardinal sin and write them off in the name of being a good jayhawk.
as for kuchamp if we all continue to progress toward a better world there will soon be no room for those people. bc we proved here that disagreements can be argued civily.

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At UNM, Giddens 'gets it'

i would also want to know what your point is jhwker26, i'm 100% positive even my friendly rival tdub wont say that ku hands out degrees to student athlete, but you seem to think so, which implies that you think that we are nothing but athletes with no intellect for a program of free degrees to be in place.

thanks for the support seattlehawk_78 and yes tdub i will see you then and maybe before that. i agree with you it's time to move to a new story. this story is old news just like the moon bar fiasco. lol ;)

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At UNM, Giddens 'gets it'

agreed seatllehawk and skwahjayog, it's just a shame that sometimes the bad apples are easier to see than the good. and that is something everyone must work on including myself. we focus so much on negative things versus the positive. KU is a great place to be and that is precisely why the athletes here compete with so much heart and everyone that passed through here did so. we fall in love with this place.

as for tdub you are very defensive and missed the entire point. i did not put any emphasis on us being more athletically talented. my comment was concerned with the family atmosphere we display inside athletics and was asking you if thats what you think be a jayhawk should be about. and the only reason we had choices was bc we were being recruited, so we had options to choose from. and you would be remissed not to admit that athletics is the most powerful tool in a universities marketing strategy and not just an extracurricular activity like bird watching. thats is why ku and other schools is a hands down choice for some people. e.g how many people knew bucknell or bradley existed until those horrifying events occured on an athletic stage?

read the post carefully before you feel attacked. most athletes are not elitist. y cant we all just be jayhawks why is there a level. do you fit in the category of what i described as a wannabee? seatllehawk and skwahjayog dont seem to be concerned with being seen as wannabee bc they are truly sports fan and petty stuff do not concern them.

sorry seatllehawk and skwahjayog for bringing your name in this just finding positive examples.

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