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Tom Keegan: Running Rebels out of own gym no great feat these days

Tom - I need for your writing to be better than what you are giving. There are too many of these examples - one sentence paragraphs, no commas:

"Anyone who thinks trading Las Vegas for Lubbock bumps the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees for the $100,000 Sox owner Harry Frazee used to finance a Broadway show into second place in the worst-trade-in-sports history standings obviously didn’t watch the telecast of Thursday night’s basketball game in Thomas and Mack Center."

If you are going to make random and completely unrelated comparisons, at least make it readable.

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Did Bill Self overreact to Brannen Greene's dunk vs. K-State?

I genuinely want to like Greene. I find him to be an extremely talented kid. He is well spoken. I 100% believe the stories told by others on this thread. I wear the same crimson and blue blinders of so many others - my family's consecutive season ticket string dates back to games played in Hoch. But I will not excuse any player who doesn't buy into the program just because they are a KU basketball player. There is only one person out of a thousand in that photo who isn't genuinely excited and happy, I think for the three Selden hit from the corner with just under a minute to go. I've already typed too much, but the maxim "A picture speaks a thousand words" comes to mind.

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Did Bill Self overreact to Brannen Greene's dunk vs. K-State?

Tait is correct - it is because Brannen has forever thought he is bigger than the program. There is no need to recount the numerous times he has upset Self, in large measure, because he Greene has made it all about himself. If you want to know where Greene's heart and loyalty lie, I say you look no further than this photo from this very website.

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Column: Iowa State, not KSU, Kansas’ top hoops rival

Keegan, your new found obsession with complaining about the noise at KU is absurd. Quit worrying about the loudspeakers. The crowd will be loud, the PA system will be loud, the music will be loud. It's a good thing. Your little crusade to gripe about the "fake" noise is already tired. It makes you sound like an aging and tired scribe. "Back in my day, the crowd provided all the noise . . ." Geez.

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Column: Better late than sooner for KU

Keegan - the pregame noise is not ridiculous. Your complaining about it is. Are you trying to sound like an aged scribe? I'm 41 - I don't love loud music, but I love how it jacks the students up for the game.

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Throw-away win: Self disappointed with KU's showing against OSU

The twins actually were pretty non-athletic when they came in. The potential existed, but it had not been realized. I very distinctly remember their freshman year and being hugely frustrated with them because neither one could dunk the ball when they had the opportunity down on the block. Over and over. They could get it done in transition, but they were actually quite soft their freshman year. Hudy cut them up, they bought into the conditioning, and then they were studs.

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Column: KU bigs no-show in Philadelphia

Only Keegan would write this one sentence paragraph. It has so many grammatical errors, I seriously wonder if he or an editor looks at his copy before sending it to print. Painful to read.

"Complicating matters, now that freshman Devonté Graham is sidelined anywhere from four weeks to all season with a severe big-toe injury, quick backcourts give Kansas trouble because with the exception of Mason, its guards are bigger than they are quick and the speedy Owls repeatedly cashed in on that."

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Column: Alexander candidate for huge progress at break

This is for Mr. Keegan - surely you can start your article better than you did. The one sentence paragraph begins the article with "that," it rambles, and makes little sense but for the audience who is reading it happening to know what you meant to say. This isn't an exercise in stream of consciousness . . .

Justin - thanks for the Grantland post. Good stuff.

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Self: Kansas grades out OK so far

As to point #2, have you even watched Brannen play this year. He loses his handle at times when no one is near him, let alone when guarded. I'd rather see Cliff Alexander bring the ball up than Brannen. I love Brannen's shot, love his attitude, his shooter's mentality. All are top notch and he has a place on the floor. But he's no ball handler, and until he consistently plays defense, he'll only have a bit role. Self's defense requires all 5 play hard - ton of help defense involved. If one person isn't doing their part, the whole system breaks down. Greene got owned multiple times in the Utah game by Utes off the bounce.

As to the rest of your comments, they are borderline trolling. Maybe we should just get rid of Self - damn his conference championships and perpetuating the longest streak of appearances in the NCAA tournament. Who cares about the consistent top 10 rankings? That's not enough for you Chris!! Heck no, we need more. I'm just shocked the basketball team you are coaching isn't ranked higher Chris. You seem to have all the answers.

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Self undecided on lineup for Rider

Robert - did you read the word "or" in Todd's post. UK struggled mightily at times last year, but coalesced in the tourney. Everybody was bemoaning the Harrison twins and their lack of production throughout the year. They hit a couple big shots in the tourney and finally hit their stride. The "or" refers to UK in 2013 going to the NIT. OAD's are a fickle process - some do better than others. Any of you questioning Self's approach is laughable. In an imperfect process such as college basketball coaching, we are getting maximum value from a stand up guy.

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