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KU junior Marcus Garrett keeps tracking toward first career triple-double

Kirk Hinrich was a starter for three and a half years. His number is hanging in Allen Field House ( the 25th to achieve that honor). Maybe you are thinking of some other reliable "bench" player?

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Matt Tait: The pessimist's outlook on the 2019 KU football team

Three wins at the most, Same old, same old. Les just looking for that last paycheck, Washed up, has been, Hey, prove me wrong.

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Matt Tait: The pessimist's outlook on the 2019 KU football team

Nice job of saying exactly nothing, Are you a Republican? Ha.

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Grimes tops ratings on a brutal day for No. 5 Kansas in 77-60 loss at Iowa State

As long as Vick is watching/listening from the bench. The far end of the bench. Time to move on from his lackadaisical incompetence.

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No. 1 Kansas falters in final minutes during 80-76 loss to Arizona State

Extremely well said. Off and on like a switch from game to game. Biggest issue - little to no leadership skills.

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Tom Keegan: Jury rules Adidas defrauds KU, strangely happy news for 'victims'

No need for a conspiracy. The bottom line - way too much money floating around college athletics. Has been for decades. NCAA decision and/or reprimand - don't be so obvious!

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Lagerald Vick to return to Kansas for senior season

That's pretty funny, and an accurate description of my reaction. Hope he has learned something about team.

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Finding his voice: How Devonte' Graham became one of the best leaders in Kansas basketball history

Aaron Miles (No.1 in assists) and Keith Langford (No.8 in scoring)

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Tom Keegan: Udoka Azubuike's revamped free-throw style yet to be tested

Amen! How Konate doesn't get slapped with T's every game is a mystery.

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