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Good game: A look at the best KU games in the Bill Self era

One game that stands out in my mind is the March 3, 2008 senior night clash versus Texas Tech. No, it wasn't a competitive game, or a nail-biter or a game worth watching for the bulk of the national audience save for KU fans, but aside from the first half of the UNC final four game mentioned above, I've never watched a pasting quite like the 109-51 hurt we put on Pat Knight and gang.

In one of the great post-game quotes you'll hear from a coach, Knight said, "I feel like someone put a meat necklace around my neck and threw me into a lion's den."

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Basketball notebook: Top 2014 recruit considers KU

So, the NBA drafts on potential AND semantics. Is it any wonder the quality of play at the pro level is so dismal?

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Memphis forward Tarik Black transfers to KU

Is this signing the "Wiggins Effect" already in play? Time will tell, but should AW have a great year, take us deep into the tournament and become the overall #1 pick in the NBA draft he could go down as one of the most important Jayhawks ever to don the uniform for reasons that go beyond his on-the-court ability.

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Former Jayhawk Michael Lee looking for work

I would also add Trading Places and Wall Street. They get me every time.

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Former Jayhawk Michael Lee looking for work

Braveheart, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Lostboys, The Game, The Phantom of the Opera (The original silent version with Lon Chaney).

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NBA scout: Ben McLemore top-2 pick

Agree with you on Travis. If he decides to play to his strength and carves out a niche as a defensive stopper, and works to be the best at it, he could have a long NBA career ala Bruce Bowen. The fact that he also has an offensive game and is a likeable guy makes him even more valuable, IMO.

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NBA scout: Ben McLemore top-2 pick


Some things that are what they aren't:

1. Mercury
2. Romy Haag
3. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Now you can cross another thing off your bucket list!

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Opinion: Nice guy McLemore must beware frauds who come with fame

... and if you play "Maybe I'm Amazed" backwards, you'll find a recipe for a ripping lentil soup.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

Good decision, Ben. Best of luck at the next level. Now, get yourself a great agent and an even better financial adviser and then go have some fun playing the game you love. The sky is your limit.

Rock Chalk!

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Rio Adams a goner; Ben McLemore decides today

It could also be that circumstances have pushed him toward "adult" life faster than he would ultimately like and he's relishing every moment he has on campus and soaking up as much as he can in the remaining time he has. I know you can always go back to school, but you can't always be a college-age kid. Unfortunately for Ben he's had to grow up quicker than probably most of us did. I just hope all the money he is soon to accumulate can help offset so much of what he is required to give up to get it.

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