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Most Crucial Jayhawks: No. 16 - TE Jimmay Mundine

A tight end is often a security blanket for a young quarterback. It will be very interesting to see how both Cozart and Mundine grow this season.

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KU rated lower than Turner Gill's Liberty University in 2013 computer ranking, but better times on the horizon

Dynamic quarterbacks upset teams. The only question is how dynamic will Cozart be.

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What caught my eye on Day 12 of KU football's spring practices


What about MJM? Is he still not practicing?

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Notebook: Jeff Withey sets KU blocks record; assistants take over film session Sunday

If the jerseys are anything like the ones the warriors just realized then no thanks

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How former Jayhawks fared in Jan. 23 NBA games

Glad to see Thomas getting some serious minutes

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Waco Tribune writer awed by Fieldhouse; men's basketball wallpapers available

Anyone have any ideas of what the name of the song is that they played before the tip?

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KU vs. Baylor

That t Rob pic of his alley oop is now my background

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The number one scorer

I don't know if I would say that Travis is a day in day out #1 scorer for KU. Some of Bill's best teams at both KU, UofI, and Tulsa didn't have a "go to guy". Though if Travis can play like he has been day in and day out KU will go far in the tourny.

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Top 10 videos from 2011

price chopper

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More talk about the ongoing search for KU's next defensive coordinator

Very happy to hear that Miller looks to be coming back. That kid has a high ceiling and should work very well in the new system Weis will run.

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