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FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

i'll be surprised if we can scrape together 5 wins

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FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

i blame you @$$hat

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FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

let's fire him and get shaka smart! are you kidding me? read your post...6 elite eight apperances in 8 years. your "picks" at the bottom dont even include the hell could you possibly be upset about this?

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Kansas men's basketball team tries to break home-court win record at Allen Fieldhouse Tuesday night

What exactly does this prove/provide though? Sure, ksu plays Duke a tournament. It's not like they're bringing Duke to Manhattan. What do they gain playing any of the teams you recommend (or any other top flight BCS school)? Are you of the mindset that we should be out to prove to the rest of the country that we can "hang" with the other schools? Do you feel we are overlooked b/c we are midwest? This is Kansas basketball. I'm not trying to make an argument that we are entitled to respect, but I do feel like you're not going to see that kind of matchup unless there is the home and home. And those games do happen from year to year. My opinion? PLEASE schedule the successful "mid-majors." These are schools that get overlooked most of the time and can sneak up on you when it matters. What do you get when you play Duke, UNC, Pitt, 'Nova, etc? A big-name marquee matchup? Sure. But do you really play a team you will learn something from? You know what you're getting with those schools. Bring in a school like Cornell, someone you may look past to the next game, and fight for the win. Give some adversity. An early season game against top-flight competition is nothing but a money-grab. You know as well as I do, Kentucky tonight won't be the same as Kentucky, March 25. Just saying, don't let the bright lights fool you into something that may not really be as impressive as you hope. If the kids that come here wanted the opportunity to play at Cameron indoor, they would have taken that call, most of them could have had that opportunity.

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Calling someone "fat" is not a take...

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KU coach kinder, gentler

number1....did you play football? While my HS coach did not throw a javelin at someone (which made me laugh btw), he was definitely not a players coach, and maybe in HS that's how it needs to be. I've had this conversation numerous times this week and it really just comes down to how much is too much? Honestly when playing I would have expected to have my chest poked, face mask grabbed, "checked" in the shoulder pads, hit on the helmet, things like this if I messed up. Obviously depending on what the mistake was. I feel like any kind of contact off the field or anything like choking would be way too far. You always keep it on the field, and it always was kept on the field when I played. It never did carry over into the locker room or weight room. I also feel like any kind of cussing is not a problem until it gets personal. If there really were the comments along the lines of "shot with your homies" clearly that is too far. If the coach felt like he needed to use f-bombs or whatever, I agree it shows ignorance to an extent, but these are not things players have not heard before. I feel like society is turning all of these kids into babies, and even more so the parents that are watching it. If my son is blessed with the ability to play football, I fully expect that he will experience many of the similar things I have experienced. There has to be something negative tied with negative play. Whether that be laps, gassers, grabbing the face mask, whatever...if it stays on the field, it's in bounds.

In responses to strikes...I don't know that this was meant to be misconstrued as a sexist statement. I think this is some of the posters being part of the over sensitized society that probably did not experience a mens locker room in football. I realize that on the top it may seem like a sexist statement, but honestly, unless she's been around the game all her life (which is entirely possible if dad was a coach or something) there may very well be things that shock her. I realize that there are women that have been around it all their the daughter from remember the titans (Larry Johnson's dad played for that guy!). I do not mean to offend with that statement, but honestly, how many of the women on here have been in this environment on a regular enough basis to understand what it's like? I am sincerely curious.

Now I'm done.

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KU rallies, but suffers first loss

Frisco is a dope.

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FINAL: KU survives scare, defeats Iowa State, 41-36

njjayhawk...if you are so concerned with fan support, get off your @ss and fly out to Lawrence to help support. The student section was NOT half empty. I'm not by any means saying it was full, but it wasn't half empty as you claimed to see from the comfort of your spot in D.C. Maybe if some of the wine and cheesers on the other side of the stadium would get off of their arse, we could really create some noise. I yelled as loud and as much as I could from the "family" section and had the kids doing the same thing. Some people I know specifically did not come to this game b/c they expected it to be a cake walk. I feel like this happens with a lot of the folks on the west side of Memorial.

Other than all of this, a win is a win, no matter how ugly. We certainly have things to work on, but we're not the most inept team in the B12N.

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Good to the last stop

I would love for the folks on the west side of the stadium to make some noise. (If you happen to sit on the west side of the stadium and make noise sometime other than 3rd or 4th down this does not apply to you) I feel like people treat the football games like a basketball game. Get loud only on occasion, unless it's the student section. Real wine and cheese crowd.

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Good to the last stop

KURocksChalk...please calm down. Put down the kool-aid and relax. In what way does MU look better than us? Maybe it was the 15 yards through three quarters they put up against a terrible Nevada team. NU is about what I think most expected to this point. You talk about "gosh KSU is so loud, their qb has to silence the crowd." How on earth do you justify this as a good thing? IMO that shows football ignorance. When your O is setting up for a play, you stay quiet. Cheer for the gains, but then silent for the cadence.

I think the part I love the most is your concern that the crowd will be their "usual weak-kneed self" for NU and OU. Have you been to an NU game during any of their last 4 visits? Every time the crowd grows more KU populated. The crowd will show up, and it will be loud and supportive. I certainly hope you can be there to witness.

I would just love to hear your theory on why there is "a run of losses coming real soon." Really?

As for Bball ads, I don't recall one for the men's team, and I don't recall anyone sitting near me making any comment. It's usually been my contention that we're there to watch football, and we'll worry about basketball when the time comes.

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