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Loss of Combs far from devastating for KU football

One of my fraternity brothers is a manager with the team and told me that Combs was a lazy P.O.S., didn't work hard and pouted at practice. Never had any work ethic. My buddy called this a month ago.

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Haka War Chant highlights "What Caught My Eye" blog from Day 3 of KU football's fall camp

Unfortunately I missed those years...we lost to Trinity in OT in the semi finals.

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Haka War Chant highlights "What Caught My Eye" blog from Day 3 of KU football's fall camp

I went to high school in Plano, TX, and Euless Trinity HS outside of Dallas did a Haka chant before every game and it was scary as s***! The whole team was made up of Hawaiian Samoans (who somehow all ended up outside of Dallas). They are consistently one of the top-ranked high school teams in the country and won the Texas 5A title a couple times while I was in high school. They could win a game on intimidation alone.

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Spring(board?) game nigh for KU football

He's qualified, but he is simply finishing out the semester at JUCO before heading to KU while some players were in a position to transder at semester. It says nothing about his eligibility.

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Rio Adams might stay

He's not a point guard. He's most certainly a 2-guard, and that's not debatable. Came to KU listed as a SG, will continue to develop as a SG.

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No. 2 recruit Julius Randle chooses Kentucky

Anderson is not coming back

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KU football recruiting draws to a close

I really, really like Big Chuck and his staff...but he is certainly not the "No. 1 head coach in the country".

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Jayhawks land commitment from Hawaii LB, teammate of highly sought after offensive lineman

ESPN lists Koehler at 6'4" 320...Rivals has him 40 lbs lighter and an inch shorter. I'd probably go with the ESPN measurables...seem more accurate. Goeas plus Koehler and maybe Romar, Finnin or Jarmon to fill out the class would be phenomenal (preferably Romar or Jarmon, we have enough OL commits)

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Road environment no problem for Ben McLemore

Most were negated by fouls on other KU players

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