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Matt Tait: Moral victories have their place with Kansas football

Steven, special teams cost KU 9 points yesterday. 3 for the missed FG, 3 more for the blocked FG, and 3 more for the blocked PAT that Texas ran back (-1 for missing the kick and +2 for Texas on the return) .

No KU's defense isn't elite, even before Drew Prox got injured for the season during the WVU game and didn't play against TCU, OU, or Texas who happen to rank 39, 1, and 16 in total offense and 38, 1, and 9 in scoring offense. KU's defense still did enough last night to give KU a chance.

If you're worried about giving up big yardage, it's the Big 12, teams are going to put up yardage, that's what the Big 12 has been about for the better part of 20 years now. 6 of the top 17 total offenses are in the Big 12. Texas is only giving up 3 fewer yards per game than Kansas has and that hasn't stopped them from being good. Yards per game, offense or defense, is the most overrated stat there is, because it doesn't tell you how good or bad a team is.

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Matt Tait: Moral victories have their place with Kansas football

Joe Ross, KU did this last year under Beaty as well. OT loss to Nicholls, a 4 point loss at KSU they should've won, and a 7 point loss at home to Texas last year. KU hung 40 on Oklahoma last year. Two years away from being good is the story of Kansas football the 70 years outside of about 5 seasons no matter who the coach has been.

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Matt Tait: Moral victories have their place with Kansas football

Steven Haag, Texas is a good offense, they've scored over 35 points in all but one game this year. Nobody has hung more points on LSU or Oklahoma's defenses than the Texas offense. The defense wasn't the issue yesterday, it was special teams. Multiple kickoffs out of bounds giving Texas the ball at the 35, multiple blocked FG's including a PAT that Texas returned for a 2 point conversion. That's a 6 point swing in favor of Texas last night.

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The good, the bad and the ugly of KU basketball's 2019-20 schedule

Matt, I don't see KU's tournament path going through Indy if they're a 1 or 2 seed because of Michigan St. MSU is the best team on paper and if they play like that all year, there's a good chance they get seeded above KU and get the Indy path. I think it's more likely KU ends up going through Houston or sent out west to LA unless KU ends up as a the 7th or 8th overall seed in the NCAA tournament.

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Devonte Graham's pregame message fuels KU to dominant performance over Texas Tech

Andy, KSU just list on the road last Saturday to a next to last place Texas A&M. The team playing the best right now is Baylor who's won 7 in a row since KU beat them.

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Benton Smith: Lack of leadership evident during Jayhawks' recent road woes

This team has a senior leader and KU has taken on the personality of that senior leader unfortunately. This was always the danger of bringing Vick back and we're seeing his personality run off on this group.

Dotson has the potential to be a great player and has shown glimpses of being a leader throughout the year. He's just yet to fully take charge of his team and I think being a freshman has contributed to that.

Unfortunately, Dotson doesn't have anyone to show him how to be a good leader. We saw a similar issues several years ago when Mason got here. He played behind the worst PG of the Bill Self era in Naadir Tharpe and then struggled his second year to establish himself as a leader. That's around the time the string of great PG's was broken. When Self got here, he already had Miles who learned from Hinrich. Miles mentored Robinson, Robinson mentored Collins, and Collins mentored Taylor. That's where the pattern was broken. Elijah Johnson wasn't a leader or a PG. Naadir Tharpe was a freshman that year and was not a good leader and gone after two years which left Mason without a mentor and was forced to learn how to lead along with Graham.

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The case for Kansas sophomore Marcus Garrett to keep shooting

His ability to drive to the basket was opened up because he knocked down some outside and midrange shots. Driving to the rim should be 80% of his FGA, but the other 20% are what lets him be able to drive to the basket. He needs to keep shooting.

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KU women's basketball team falls short at TCU

This is still a bad team that feasted on cupcakes in the nonconference. It's time for Schneider to move to his next job because he is not the man to Fox Kansas women's basketball.

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No. 9 Kansas drops 71-63 decision at No. 8 Kentucky during SEC/Big 12 Challenge

Moore really doesn't add anything at this point other than a warm body. He doesn't play a lick of defense, he's out of control on offense so he doesn't add anything positive at this point.

Mitch's role has pretty much disappeared now as well. In a 2 big line up, Mitch had a role as a back up 4. In a 4 guard line up, Mitch doesn't have a role because he's not good enough as a lone big. On the occasions KU goes with 2 bigs, it's Dave at the 5 and Dedric at the 4 and Dedric is better than Mitch.

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No. 9 Kansas drops 71-63 decision at No. 8 Kentucky during SEC/Big 12 Challenge

It's not that the coaches and players are okay with a loss, it's more that this game is meaningless in the grand scheme of things in relation to KU achieving its goals for the season.

This game has no bearing on KU's ability to win the B12 this year, it'll have minimal impact on seeding in the tournament, and it doesn't change the ceiling of this team.

This game didn't reveal anything new about this team we didn't already know. This team is bad at rebounding, subpar shooting, and subpar defense. All 3 weaknesses were on display in Lexington.

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