temjay 12 years, 1 month ago

You cannot be serious. There is absolutely no way you can defend the play calling in the final three minutes of that game the other day.

You would prefer to waste two downs passing instead of burning time off the clock, which at that moment was KU's only opponent? That would get you flunked in Football 101.

The long shot down the sideline was a low-percentage play that didn't work earlier in the game and didn't work a few weeks ago against Texas Tech. Did it ever work this season? Why did the play-caller think it could work this time?

And as far as a spectacular Reesing-to-Briscoe bomb going down into KU-Mizzou football lore ....... I would think that 498 yards passing and 242 receiving yards might be enough cause to get them a "Nice game, son" today and a pat on the back and "Let me buy you a drink" 20 years from now.

I am so tired of people taking up for the just plain stupid work of these coaches this season. KU blew fourth-quarter leads in five of those seven losses and somewhere, their decisions and overall work must be held accountable.

You have a good point, though, about the recruits. To illustrate, look at KU's interception numbers the last three years -- 23 in '07, 15 in '08 and only 7 this year (worst in the Big 12).

Until Kansas and the rest of the teams in the Big 12 North can recruit good cornerbacks that can cover man-to-man consistently, they will forever be looking up at Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech.

I won't be sorry to see Mangino go. And please, please make sure those coordinators follow him out the door.

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