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ESPN: Bill Self top coach for NBA

Nothing like taking a few days away from class in HIGH SCHOOL and jetting off to Indonesia to play ball. How crazy must that feel for a 17 year old? A quick perusal of Cliff's list reveals that he has really cut it to 4: MSU, Illinois, KU, and AU (does he think anyone thinks he might really go to DePaul?) I guess showing the hometown school some love is a classy thing to do, respect-wise, and maybe it speaks to his maturity; I'm sure they've spent a huge amount of time on him and I respect that...

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KU, UK basketball vying for prep Oubre

I really admire that you've put this out there 'bate; good honest take. Mostly because it puts to rest the fear that Perry will "jump" after this year, because of everything you've stated about what role a 6'8" PF can play in the League: little to none. I love Perry too and hope he is the rock in our swing hi-low for a couple more years while he finds a way to gradually shift his skill set for a chance at a solid, if modest NBA career. If a beastly monster 6'8" PF like Robinson can't break out of a narrow role in the NBA, how will Perry? Let's (us and him) keep him here and happy and enjoying some of the best 3-4 years of his life, and not worry about the future just yet, right?

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KU, UK basketball vying for prep Oubre

I would not be surprised in the least if we signed 4, but think we'll definitely sign 3. either the package deal of Alexander and Lyle plus either Turner or Oubre (i think the superfecta of Alexander/Lyle and Jones/Okafor would never, ever, happen- so it's one duo or the other). And if I had to speculate, well, that's what we do here... I'd say either Embiid or Selden jumps depending on how Self manages their minutes and scoring (esp. Embiid) and we get one unlucky musical chairs-1st-man-without-a-chair-goes transfer come April... for a total of 4 new faces

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KU, UK basketball vying for prep Oubre

So far we'll only have two to give, with a really solid hope of signing our 3 top, KU-leaning prospects, Oubre, Alexander and Lyle (package deal). This seems to be our best scenario (assuming Turner and Okafor are not KU leans). I think that if Johnson goes to Kentucky, Oubre should pick KU, since they essentially are the two best prospects at their position. Where will the extra scholarship come from? I think the staff is pretty sure we'll have one more early entry to the League, and so they're not worried about it. If not, a transfer will surely materialize by the late spring...

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Scout praises 2016 KU recruit in new ranks

...too is to long two spell out completely...

sorry hawkinaz, I just see this sooooo often in posts it's hard to resist sometimes.
-no fiction, minimal malice-

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Scout praises 2016 KU recruit in new ranks

to long a post. classic!

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Top basketball recruits tease possible 2-for-1 at KU

This brings out the issue that an "offer" doesn't exactly mean that the recruit has a button he can push and he is guaranteed a scholarship on the spot. I'd love to know all of the intricacies of the recruiting process, but imagine that there are certain recruits that we have "offered", and that over time have fallen somewhat in our list of priorities, and that when calls are made back and forth with the staff and recruit X an understanding might be reached that is something like, "OK, so you do want to come here...lets work out the details in a couple of weeks and see if it is still the best fit for both of us..." during which time said staff gets back to recruit Y and says, look [Alexander, etc...] we really want you as our #1 focus, like big-time, and we might not have the schollie if we don't get some movement soon,. etc. etc. and all of a sudden recruit Y has committed and recruit X is left looking at option B, even though he was ready to commit and put on hold by the staff. Again, not sure about the complexities of recruitment, but there certainly is wiggle room with regard to "offers"

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Top basketball recruits tease possible 2-for-1 at KU

It has happened at least once, see: Brandon Rush>JR Giddens (JR's relatively modest transgressions did give Self a perfect cover, though)

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Darnell Jackson signs free agent deal with Indiana Pacers

Like he said we he announced his intention to transfer, he wants to be playing closer to home. oh, wait....

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Trio of Jayhawk freshmen projected atop NBA Draft

agreed. next.

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