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KU freshman Frankamp confident on eve of season

That's true, and Self might even be able to "limit" Embiid's numbers to a certain extent and actually help to push him into returning as a smart decision- but I'm not sure if by mid-season we might really need him in a major role if he proves ready- in which case "holding down" his numbers for some other selfish purposes just won't be plausible. If he's ready to contribute in a role nobody else can [7'5" wingspan!?], for the sake of making a title run then turn him loose...right? I guess my take is Self knows this and is anticipating loosing Embiid and Wiggins and having SELDEN return. That would be my instinct at this point--Selden coming back to have a huge soph. year, a'la Rashad McCants at UNC (who I think is a great comp for Selden).

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KU freshman Frankamp confident on eve of season

It's way to early to know, but have you seen early NBA draft Boards? Not only is Embiid a lock to be a lottery pick, it's not impossible for him to end up in the top 4, and not even be a starter on this year's team- that's how much upside he is believed to have. Another not-entirely-impossible scenario: Wiggins and Embiid could actually go 1-2 next June. How's that for scary? So, yea, I think JoJo is likely to be gone...

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Prep Oubre expected to announce today

This is what I've seen also: If Stanley Johnson is UK-bound, Oubre is really really likely to come here, since they are pretty much the two highest rated wings still out there. They should get together and announce at the same time for KU-UK, maybe do a joint presser on ESPN3 where they each take a hat, pretend to put in on, and then switch them at the last minute! Start some good natured hype...

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Dunks, anticipation and heat higher than ever at Late Night

i think you forgot about Mason being a very crucial back-up for Tharpe. Self-ball needs a true point in as one of the 3 guard~wing combos, and I can't see not having one of the two in the game at all times...

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Selden: Late Night visit made impression

spell check, click, effective. there we go...:)

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Selden: Late Night visit made impression

yea, just a torn ACL; but it was mildly amusing and sort of not quite affective as a gag. Totally worth it, though.

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Three top preps to be at Late Night

This gets us back to the issue of what exactly does it mean to "have and offer". For example, does Pope have an unconditional offer that he can accept at any time, this taking a precious scholarship away from one of the top 3 recruits that we may be able to land? What about a few others out there lower on the list with offers? I've posited before that it's not conceivable that everyone out there wh'os listed as having an offer on the recruiting websites currently has an immediate option of exercising it, if we've since been leaning in another direction, recruit-wise? Anyone care to expand on whether an "offer" is truly, definitively, a "first-come first served" agreement? I suspect the staff has some wiggle room, and can (and does when necessary) hold a recruit off...

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Brannen Greene: Kansas players ‘get along great’

"When that happens, Naa goes to paint and then it is a matter of whether Self can teach the great, but green wings, to feed the point guard in the paint a foot in from the FT line. Because if they can, Naa at that point with out Smart breathing on him, can wreak havoc on the defense with his X-axis game"

and this is precisely where you then see a ton, and I mean a freaking TON of little lobs to the rim: to Perry, to Embiid, Black, Wiggins- you name it, and it's basically an easy 'oop 70% of the time once Na gets it back from the wing at the top of the post with defensive wings starting to slide back in, and bigs forced to pop out or at least show sightly to stop penetration... I think what you're describing, 'bate, could be just a thrill to watch when Self gets it right...

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Brannen Greene: Kansas players ‘get along great’

check that- ... meant to say 2-3 (maybe 3-4) times per game (2-3 per half would put him FULLY in the rotation, and we just don't have those kinds of minutes to go around:)

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Brannen Greene: Kansas players ‘get along great’

Fellow posters have been over this ad nauseum, with one variation (Frankamp): but I think the consensus must be that one of either Greene or White will redshirt. That's really the only realistic situation. My money is on Greene, because both have good length but AWIII looks to be in much better shape (remember that boot camp photo?-wow) and probably is way ahead D-wise (big, huge, enormous factor), has a year under his belt, and also came in as a terrific deep shooter. If Conner's the best pure shooter in the country, then he remains suited up this year for spot duty as a check-in shooter 2-3 times per half, for a few minutes at at at time to stretch leads and totally demoralize the opponents.

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