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Column: David Beaty's decision-making puzzling at ISU

I have to say, our team seems to go from worse to... whatever is worse than worse - every time we make a coaching change. I'm a realist, I know we're not going to hire anyone and be good out of the gate. I find it troubling though, that we can't even be competitive on the field. Iowa St is one of the worst teams in the NCAA, and they slaughtered us. I don't know what answer is but I've watched about as much as I can this season. IMHO, it can't end soon enough.

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

Ok, how about the 2003 Syracuse team, or the 2011 Kentucky team? I see your point, but I don't think you understand their competitive spirit. Maybe they don't care so much about winning one for the Alma, but they don't want to lose either. These kids don't get to where they are because they're looking at earning millions of dollars.

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

Ooooooohhh... a bad loss. It happens. It's magnified on this stage but we've had worse losses. Was it OK to lose to Michigan last year? Because they weren't a double digit seed? They were a 10 for heaven sake. One seed different. They were good enough to play in the tournament, they're good enough to beat anyone in tournament. Get over yourself.

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

Give me a break... What did last year's team look like? Travis Releford, Jeff Withey, EJ? Or is that just not enough upper classmen? Or the 10-11 team with the Morris twins, Reed, Morningstar, and TT? The difference between the 11-12 and 12-13 teams were Tyshawn Taylor, Thomas Robinson and Connor Teahan. Withy came back, so did Wesley and Young, EJ and TRel. Your "opinion" is nonsense.

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

You mean how did he have a bad game? Doesn't LeBron James have bad games? Don't you?

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

I'm as big of fan as any, but if you really think we should be in the final game every year you're sick. We win EVERY year. 30+ games (until this year, with the hardest schedule in basketball). 2009 he had a winning formula, and in 2010. Success is tough in the NCAA Tournament; there's plenty of luck involved. All the teams are good. We had a bad day, not a bad formula.

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

That is nonsense at its best. Of course nobody wants to play Florida.. Florida didn't want to play Kansas either. Everyone wants the easiest way in; all fans do anyway. We think it'll be easier, the thing is, in the NCAA Tournament, it isn't easy. EVER!

Did you watch the 08 game over North Carolina? 18 isn't 33 but that game was about as bad of a blow out as we've seen. Side note: way to reference ONE game.

I agree today was hard to watch and was borderline embarrassing, but that doesn't mean our culture has changed. Did you see the number of missed bunnies? Come on.....

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

Completely disagree. First of all, the Championship game wasn't gift wrapped anything. If you don't remember, we had to play a hell of a last 7 minutes to even be in a position for the free throws to matter. Also, that was an UNDEFEATED team. I don't care how we beat them, we beat them.

Anyway, define "better off". I'll contend that we're clearly better off than with Williams. The problem is we've been spoiled as of late; 10 straight Big 12 championships, no lower than a 4 seed (and that was twice) under Self, 5 of the last 8 years being a 1 seed, etc.... We're ALWAYS in the hunt, and it hurts to not win, yes, but Roy Williams lost with one of the best teams in school history in the Sweet 16. Williams had DOG teams. Teams where even the biggest homers couldn't pick the Jayhawks to win the championship. We've never seen one of those under Self. To sum all of that up, we're better when it comes to the tournament because we always have a shot, regardless of outcome.

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KU football announces 2013 schedule

That's how Bill Snyder did it. I think it's worked out well for him.... Twice.

Seriously, I'm not trying to be a dick, but we don't really need to develop talent right now, we need people that can perform on the field. That's not a true freshman (generally). The young talent and development will come, but we need people who can play right now.

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KU football announces 2013 schedule

It would be outrageous to fire Weis after next season, regardless of record. I did agree with the Turner Gill firing (he just wasn't competitive), but a program can't succeed turning over their coaching staff every two years.
I know we all want to be good, but when did we get this entitlement attitude in football? We're a .500 program.. forever (technically less, but I think everyone understands my point). If you think we're going to hire a coach and in two years we'll have a national power, you're crazy!

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