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Rio Adams: Transfer from KU a ‘family decision’

sucks, this kid was going to be an absolute stud. going to be a GREAT defender and solid offensive pg...similiar to t taylor

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Big 12: Officiating errors were made at end of regulation in KU-ISU game

the refs should get suspended for how awful they officiated the first 39 minutes of the game. so many awful calls that went towards iowa state. how about those two fouls to start the game and the other charge on withey? how about the goaltending that went against eliah? the officials were garbage and easily allowed iowa state to hang around with the big boys (plus some alley opp three pointers and the most made 3s in school history). iowa state proved to be classless last night with with charging our coach, throwing at our players, and posting racist comments over social media. isu should be reprimanded for their classless and embarrassing actions

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KU football announces home-and-home series with Rutgers

yesssssss KU on the east coast!!!! cant wait idk who would not like this, it is going to be alot of fun

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Hard work the ticket to KU for freshman guard Anrio Adams

too good for the pac 12 is right. (pac 12 <<<<<<) this kids gonna shine at KU, seems to have natural ability to score, probably going to have to work on his d to get PT this year from Coach Self. good future

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Jayhawk pride: Morris twins ready to welcome Thomas Robinson to NBA

how about that pic. The morris twins, t.rob, and whithey. Not too bad a group of bigs huh? cole was on that team as well. amazing group of bigs for one team.

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Former Xavier guard Mark Lyons to transfer to Arizona

we dont want any1 from that team of gangstas lol what a joke that kid made of himself during and after that brawl

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Jayhawks schedule men's basketball home-and-home with Temple

2 years go when we played at temple half the arena was KU fans. great jayhawk atmosphere

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Xavier transfer visits UK

enjoy the recruiting updates keep it going please!!

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Statistically, potential transfer Mark Lyons would help KU

I want Eliah starting at the point next year no matter what. Hes earned it and showed flashes of greatness. He will be absolute stud PG next year. If lyons comes in to back him up then fine cant hurt

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Two KU football players face charges after weekend fight at The Hawk; both players dismissed from team

just lost out on experience of lifetime to play for KU. more room for good transfers now

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