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Rise & Sign: National Signing Day rockin' and rollin' as letters arriving quickly in Lawrence

What is a "preferred" walk-on. Either you get a scholarship and get books, tuition, food and living paid for or you don't

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Kansas State basketball coach Bruce Weber can't shake the ghost of Bill Self

I will agree with the all black attire at the 1st home game with K-State. It has been written, it has been stated and it needs to become a "reality". Classic idea....Hey students, make it happen!!!

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Charlie Weis-Dayne Crist duo not so dynamic

Keep the clock moving in the 4th quarter ahead 24-13. The ball never should have left the ground with a 11pt lead. Poor play calling and clock management. Seems like a no brainer to me, our running game was moving along just fine.

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Norfolk State (!) sends Tigers packing, 86-84

Hey mizzou
You don't like the KU fans rooting agaist you in omaha, buy some tickets and support your team

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Norfolk State (!) sends Tigers packing, 86-84

M I Z...O U T!!!

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Kansas claims epic win in Border War finale

Maybe the worst officiated game ever. I agree withall the Trob foul stuff, but Withey got hosed on his 2nd foul call also. Big key with him sitting on the bench. All the complaining those idiots from MIZZERY are doing, I got one thing to say..."Don't give up a 19 point lead and you will never have to worry about the late calls", the fingers you ought to be pointing, Should be at yourself followed by the phrase Big 12 "CHOKE ARTISTS". You gentleman had your chance and you blew it!!!!! NOW we better get re-focused and make sure we take care of business Monday. I want "NO" part of a co-championship. GREAT win,but in all retrospect, "ITS ONLY MISSOURI" and we are supposed to beat them, I don't care how good they think they are. On a side note the announcers yesterday on CBS were awful!!! Great win, re-focus and MUCK FIZZOU!!! The chant should be MIZ...OKU damn you beat us again!!!!

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Awfully close: Kansas barely holds on

Billy boy, Billy boy, Billy boy...
Your lack of discipline with the Morris twins last year, is now coming back to haunt you. You let the "twins" get out of control last year with little or no repercussions and now we are starting to see it in a LAZY, UNDISCIPLINED and IMMATURE Thomas Robinson. You would have been wise last night, to sit his ass on the bench and let him get up when the game was over. Totally understand why you didn't and in my opinion it was a little gutless but it would have taught a great lesson that should have been taught last year. You sent Withey on the Allen Field house run, now how about sending TROB on it fact send him on it twice.

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Toughened up, Jeff Withey ‘fabulous’

Here is an IDEA coach Self
Quit taking Withey out a the end of games!!! Leave him in for defensive purposes, and then late in the game set a pick for him, throw the inbounds pass to him, let him get fouled and then let him take the two free throws. Seems like a no brainer to me ? I realize it goes away from every game ending in-bounds play ever drawn up by a head coach, but PLEASE coach to your talents, it is what we pay you for!!! (On a side note, this is Bill Selfs best coaching job defensively by far, but the late game Withey moves are baffling).

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Tyshawn Taylor tries to shoulder blame

Lets get right down to the point here. Tyshawn Taylor did not cost us this game. This game was lost when Coach Self, up 8, took Jeff Withey out of the game. It was at that time that I said to my wife, "honey, he's going to cost us the game". Still, to this day, I do not know what Self was thinking. I could care less how many points Withey scored, how many rebounds he had, I just know that on 13 occassions he stopped or altered shots that make me think back to the Cole Aldredge days. He allows every defender the chance to get a step closer to their man and is the main reason we are such a good defensive team. The minute Self subs for him, the ball immediately starts to go inside, but more importantly the defense starts to cheat towards the ball to help out giving the opposition a chace to kick it out and hit those dagger 3 pointers that killed us in the final minutes the other night. A step makes all the difference and Withey provides us that extra step defensively. Withey is also our best free throw shooter and provides us a offensive rebounding presence.
I also wondered after the time out, why I did not see Thomas Robinson post up towards the ball (Tyshawn Taylor). It looked as if the last shot was Taylors to take off the dribble. My question is why wouldn't the last shot been a post move by Robinson who was on fire? I could be wrong but when Taylor got the ball, there was know post up by Trob? Bottom line is though, keep Withey in the game the 8 point lead does not evaporate. Take that to the bank!!!

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FINAL: Missouri scores game's final 11 points, rallies for 74-71 win over KU

Put that loss on SELF, turned to the wife at the end of the game when he took Withey out and said "that move just cost us the game". 8 points up and you take your best shot blocker, rebounder and shot changer out. Keep Withey in and none of the rest of the final two minute offensive and free throw debacle would have mattered, our defense would have carried us thru. This one is on you coach Self.

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