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KU signee Ellis named national player of the year

Boy that sounds awfully ignorant and prejudiced. Perhaps you did not realze Perry was valedictorian of his class.

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Kansas’ big men didn’t play big

Ughhh what a horrible game. Just some thoughts:
1. Coaching: Why was KU going to the zone for so long when it clearly wasn't working?
2. Coaching: KU has one of the deepest teams in the country, Tennessee only had 6 scholarship players -- so why were we not pressing the entire game and trying to wear them down?
3. Coaching: Where wsa CJ Henry? He's our best three-point shooter - shouldn't he have had at least a chance when the other guards are struggling? What is the good of having great depth if it isn't used?
(By the way, although I am being critical of Bill Self in this game, I still believe he's the best in the country and wouldn't trade him for anyone).
4. The play that killed us was when they ran a screen causing Aldrich to be switched onto their point guard - who would either beat Aldrich on the dribble or pass to the center who had a clear height advantage. This is pretty basic-- shouldn't have Collins worked harder to get through those screens? Shouldn't we have an answer to the same play being run successfully over and over again?
5. Intensity: When we were up 14-6, you could just feel KU giving up as though they were thinking the game was over. Then when UT came back, we started pressing. But our defense was horrible - always a half-step late against walk-ons. It was like we didn't want to take advantage of our better athletes.

I hope that the KU team comes out of this stronger. Of course, I had hoped the Cornell game was the "teaching" game, but apparently the lesson was not learned.

Keep in mind UNC lost several last year to inferior clubs and they came back. The main game we want to win is the LAST ONE!

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Nowhere to hide: KU women suffer historic loss to Wildcats

I hate to say it, but KU's performance in the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half was the WORST basketball I've ever seen. No effort, no defence, no offence, and terrible coaching.

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KU football reportedly adds assistant

Turner can certainly recruit outstanding coaches! What I want to know is why an Associate Head Coach would take two steps back to become a Wide Receivers Coach? Was something amiss at Southern Miss or is Turner just that great a recruiter?

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Last chance to enter the 1,000,000th comment contest

Sunday, Sept 20 at 9:31:09 am

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