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KU's offense comes alive to soar past Boston College for 48-24 win

Going to a primary shotgun spread from the primary under center look in the first two games may have been the move that threw BC off balance all night. To go suddenly from a 3-yards-and-cloud-of-dust to a spread-and-gun plan was jarring even for me as I listened to the game.

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Matt Tait: KU's new-look defensive front earns passing grade with room to grow

The key word: "New"
To be honest, For the game, I kind of considered the defense to be about even to last year's team. However, considering this is game #1 with an entirely new defensive structure, assignments, etc AND that we had lost some really good players from last year, being even to last year's defense AS A STARTING POINT ain't bad at all.

As HCLM stated: he expects to see a 20% improvement for the next game.

We aren't going to be an elite defense. But I think we are going to compete and challenge - with players who are hustlers.

Who knows what another win will do to confidence? Confidence alone can create a "W"...

Hope springs eternal, but recently, it also has some evidence to support it.

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New ESPN+ streaming series to feature Les Miles and KU football

Les Miles, while being a successful football coach, is also a ham. You don't normally see a college coach in a beer commercial or having roles in movies.

So, this is not an uncomfortable stretch for him. In fact, I would not be surprised if he even suggested it.

He is cashing in on his LSU celebrity for Kansas. We will take whatever we can get to get that extra look our way from an elite athlete.

If it means Les is in a movie, so be it!

Of course, it will only help draw these players if Les shows he can win here. Otherwise, people will start to say these movies are (and have always been) for chasing his own interests, not KU's.... And it will certainly stop being a behavior that draws player interest...

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Jayhawks: Les Miles and staff's emphasis on physicality helped O-line's run blocking

Is it just my browser or does everyone experience the never-ending scroll past the crap-commercial pictures at the end of the article - never seeming to get to the actual comments? I have to scroll SUPER FAST to get to the bottom of the page. otherwise, these clickbait pictures just keep re-generating over and over and over and over.

Hey, KUSports! i know you need to make money to keep this excellent content free for us Jayhawk fans, but this is ridiculous.

Please fix as fast as you can. Otherwise, I may have to start looking for Jayhawk news elsewhere - as painful as that might be.

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The 3 biggest benefits of Udoka Azubuike's decision to return to Kansas basketball

First: I am quite happy to have Dok back, Second: He is INDEED a load for the other team to contend with. Teams are forced to game-plan around him - potentially giving up lockdown defense on other jayhawks....
At the same time, I certainly noticed how much more fluid our offense was without Dok on the floor. When he is there, we seem to be much more predictable in our execution. He takes up so much space that our guards did less to create their own shots. The #4 player seemed to give up their space for him.

Like I said: I would rather have him than not. No doubt.

But I hope that the hawks can work out an attack that can still leverage the creativity and speed that we played with last year without Dok but keep his presence and threat very real at the same time.

I have all the faith in the world in Bill Self and his coaching staff to find the right approach to this "good" problem.

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KU remains confident freshman Quentin Grimes will get back on track

There's at least 2 of us who hope you are wrong.

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KU remains confident freshman Quentin Grimes will get back on track

I'm thinking that Quentin is the key to whether KU labors through the year or sails through it. More key than Udoka. We know what we get with Azubuike. Dotson has established how he will contribute. Same with Dedric and Vick. Grimes is the mystery. We have seen evidence of this athleticism and ability so his potential impact is very high.

Without Grimes, KU plays slower. And teams will focus on packing the middle/down low. We know that Udoka has trouble with that. And - perhaps a bit like Perry Ellis - Dedric needs space to be most effective.

I have confidence that he will figure this out. He is much too talented not to. He has also been in pressure situations before, so I don't see him as a wilting flower.

Once he does, however: Look out! This team will be REALLY GOOD.
(assuming Vick maintains a steady and respectable level of contribution each night. Pretty sure I don't have to worry about that with Dedric)

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KU announces Les Miles' hiring of Chip Lindsey as OC

I find it really interesting that Les Miles, when asked by the announcers for the KU-Stanford BBall game, "Why Kansas?", responded (paraphrased): "Well, I want to do what has perhaps never been done: take an historically bad football program and make it a yearly contender."
I am betting that is the angle he is taking with his coaches and even recruits: "Want to be a part of history? You think you are good? How about doing something that has never/rarely been done?"

For coaches that know success and want to build a legacy (instead of a resume), this is a great sales approach.

Same for players that want top notch coaching plus a part of history.

Don't know if this is his approach, but playing the high risk/reward angle would be an awesome one if so.

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Former Auburn OC Chip Lindsey expected to be hired by KU

Holy Cow, people...
Do I detect a lukewarm reception for the (presumably) new OC who successfully led an SEC powerhouse offense for the past few years? Like KU should do better?
Per CBSSports comment: "Kansas is one of the most difficult Power Five jobs in the country...that's been an annual embarrassment."

In all reality, I expected the best JLong could do was to rustle up a bunch of wannabee's looking to get a DIV I on their resume.

Who cares if the OC (or any of the assistant coaches) may only stay for a short time? If they are successful & established coaches on the biggest stage who can help create a culture of what it takes to win, then they will have done their good deed even if they are not around to see it to fruition.

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Report: FBI gives NCAA clearance to begin investigating some basketball programs in corruption scandal

Now that's funny. I don't care who you are. :)

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