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KU remains confident freshman Quentin Grimes will get back on track

There's at least 2 of us who hope you are wrong.

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KU remains confident freshman Quentin Grimes will get back on track

I'm thinking that Quentin is the key to whether KU labors through the year or sails through it. More key than Udoka. We know what we get with Azubuike. Dotson has established how he will contribute. Same with Dedric and Vick. Grimes is the mystery. We have seen evidence of this athleticism and ability so his potential impact is very high.

Without Grimes, KU plays slower. And teams will focus on packing the middle/down low. We know that Udoka has trouble with that. And - perhaps a bit like Perry Ellis - Dedric needs space to be most effective.

I have confidence that he will figure this out. He is much too talented not to. He has also been in pressure situations before, so I don't see him as a wilting flower.

Once he does, however: Look out! This team will be REALLY GOOD.
(assuming Vick maintains a steady and respectable level of contribution each night. Pretty sure I don't have to worry about that with Dedric)

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KU announces Les Miles' hiring of Chip Lindsey as OC

I find it really interesting that Les Miles, when asked by the announcers for the KU-Stanford BBall game, "Why Kansas?", responded (paraphrased): "Well, I want to do what has perhaps never been done: take an historically bad football program and make it a yearly contender."
I am betting that is the angle he is taking with his coaches and even recruits: "Want to be a part of history? You think you are good? How about doing something that has never/rarely been done?"

For coaches that know success and want to build a legacy (instead of a resume), this is a great sales approach.

Same for players that want top notch coaching plus a part of history.

Don't know if this is his approach, but playing the high risk/reward angle would be an awesome one if so.

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Former Auburn OC Chip Lindsey expected to be hired by KU

Holy Cow, people...
Do I detect a lukewarm reception for the (presumably) new OC who successfully led an SEC powerhouse offense for the past few years? Like KU should do better?
Per CBSSports comment: "Kansas is one of the most difficult Power Five jobs in the country...that's been an annual embarrassment."

In all reality, I expected the best JLong could do was to rustle up a bunch of wannabee's looking to get a DIV I on their resume.

Who cares if the OC (or any of the assistant coaches) may only stay for a short time? If they are successful & established coaches on the biggest stage who can help create a culture of what it takes to win, then they will have done their good deed even if they are not around to see it to fruition.

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Report: FBI gives NCAA clearance to begin investigating some basketball programs in corruption scandal

Now that's funny. I don't care who you are. :)

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Report: FBI gives NCAA clearance to begin investigating some basketball programs in corruption scandal

Hey, I love the fact that everyone is a KU homer. As you all should be. I am too. I am also a glass half-full kind of person. So, I understand all the comments that the issue is a big fat nothing: Silvio's $2,500 and some wild claim in court from Adidas.

If that is all it is, then I am with you that this is nothing but a small infraction - done without KU involvement.. End of story.

But that's just it. We don't know.

But let's go down this path a bit anyway.

What we DO know is there IS evidence & testimony to SUGGEST that KU Coaches WERE aware. There is evidence (wiretaps & documentation) captured by the FBI that has not been disclosed in court. In addition, if you take the word from Adidas folks, KU was not only aware, they agreed to it. One would wonder: why would Adidas want to throw KU coaches under the bus? If it was the wild claim of some ex-employees, where is Adidas formally standing up and claiming otherwise?

THAT is the concern. It is not Silvio's $2500.

The NCAA has never been known to be forthright, dependable, fair or even logical in their rulings.

By the FBI now allowing the NCAA to get involved, it is like handing a loaded gun to a drunk person. Nobody knows where they will point it, but everyone knows someone will get shot.

If the NCAA decides there is no wrongdoing from KU - and I HOPE TO HEAVEN THAT IS TRUE - even then the public will expect an NCAA cover up. Given the NCAA, this might overrule "truth" in their decision.

Additionally, it is possible that KU coaches were not aware Adidas did anything for Silvio, but if it is determined that KU coaches WERE aware such nefarious actions did occur in general, then the NCAA could examine KU's monitoring processes and find they were lacking due diligence to fight against what KU KNEW was happening out in the wild.... (after all, Silvio AND Preston both were caught doing this same no-no)

I can only hope and believe that our KU coaches are telling the truth when they deny knowledge.

But nevertheless, I'm telling you, this is not going to be pretty. This has gone beyond Silvio. It is political. It is a charge against college basketball. It is finally a real life example of the ugly underbelly of college basketball that EVERYONE figured was happening but nobody wanted to touch.

Right or wrong. KU got singled out as one of the examples.

I am a glass half-full guy. But this does have me worried.

And Silvio is the least of them

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Report: FBI gives NCAA clearance to begin investigating some basketball programs in corruption scandal

Whether the NCAA responds quickly or slowly, I don't think that it matters for Silvio. Either way, I don't see him playing for KU anymore. He is now in a position to prove his innocence vs the NCAA proving his guilt. That's bad.

Considering NCAA takes MONTHS to determine even the smallest of accusations, I would be shocked that any decision is reached before the season is over. There are WAY too many things at stake here.

If the NCAA thinks they can set a judgement on KU on the merits & scope of what happened around a couple of players without having a more broad view of the scope of this issue across all the schools, I think they run the risk of setting a precedence decision that they may regret later when they realize it is more common than they thought. Although, I concede that the NCAA really has never been concerned with being consistent between decisions.

With all that said, I think the NCAA may be in worse shape if they absolve KU. There is already a large public view that KU is now complicit. If the Jayhawks are not reprimanded in some way, then the public outcry could be even worse.

Not a good time for college basketball. Not a good prospect for KU. Ugly spot for NCAA.

The end for Silvio.


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Tom Keegan: Even No. 1 preseason ranking can't lift cloud hovering over KU basketball

Lawrence, I fear you are probably right that most fans may not care - when you ask them randomly and without stories like this swirling around. However, at the same time, most fans believe their team and coaches have the highest standards and integrity. That is the foundation for being able to boast above other schools. But when a school is found to be "shady", it takes the "indisputable best" out of their ability to boast. And THEN they care.

As for me, I care deeply that the teams that I cheer for are ones of high integrity and play by the rules. I believe that is what KANSAS <should> stand for. Hopefully, at the end of all of this, it is what it does indeed stand for.

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The 5 most pressing questions Kansas fans are asking as the college basketball trial comes to a close

Additional Questions that are asked:
1) What are the expected impacts and risks to this year's team & season? Silvio is a walking risk. I expect any NCAA point of view to be delayed until the FBI proceedings are over. So, does Self play Silvio now with the risk of having to vacate any wins and accomplishments later? Or does Silvio ride the pine with the vague hope that the NCAA will give KU a quick decision about him while there is any season left to play?

2) What are the possible impacts to KU for all of this? Of course, at worse, we experience the resignation (or even worse: sentencing) of Townsend and/or Self. While I choose to believe that is unlikely, we don't know what other snakes await us as we stroll through this tall grass. Perhaps more realistically, I can see KU having to vacate our final four and #15 conference title because of Silvio. Matt has already assessed any recruiting impact possibilities.

While KU can claim "victim" in this, the NCAA can still examine KUs monitoring processes and come to a conclusion that there were enough substantive gaps in the process as to warrant punishment. (If the NCAA looks for someone to blame, this could be the "planted gun" approach that the NCAA will chose to take regardless of whether it is true or not.)

I think the biggest hope is that the NCAA may take it easier on KU because of the status we hold in the sport. Perhaps we are not as "hands off" as Duke, but it would still be an awfully bad stain to have any blueblood take a bad fall because of this....

Hope is everything....

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