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Marcus breaks Collins' streak of four straight No. 1s

And you think I compared Sherron to Cole? Is that a joke? In terms of being leaders there is no comparison, Cole has virtually zero leadership but thats not to say that he should be a leader on this team he just is not one. Marcus has shown more leadership on this team than Cole has and hes a sophomore. I was not comparing the two in terms of their positions either. Cole should be scoring more than he is per game and I think that is obvious.

If Cole continues to play like this then we will go nowhere in March.

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Marcus breaks Collins' streak of four straight No. 1s

Playing in Texas does mean something...I played in the Fort Worth area, you know, where Langford, Willie Warren, Nolan Dennis, Darrell Arthur, etc. guys are from...Texas produces top talent in all sports so yeah it means something.

Check up on where a ton of the talent comes from out of high school in this country and then come back and say it doesnt mean anything. Im guessing you're some hack from Kansas that lives in his own world and thinks all of KU's players come from the state of Kansas.

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Marcus breaks Collins' streak of four straight No. 1s

Haha no I was not comparing me to Cole but you think what you want to. Calling me an idiot over the internet? man that hurts so bad lol. No I was merely saying that I know where hes coming from and I stated how I dealt with it. I cant imagine starting for Kansas and trying to live up to the hype but then again thats why Cole will be getting paid the big bucks next year. You can try and say what I meant but I was not comparing myself to Cole I was stating that I have been there and I know how hard it is to lose someone you love. Although I do enjoy that some creep on the internet is going to tell me what I meant by something, awesome. You dont know me and you dont know the situation I was in, so how can you possibly know what I meant? Can you read minds?

Why does there only have to be one leader? How many leaders did that 2008 team have? more than one I know that for sure. Cole should be a leader as well but it seems as though Brady and Marcus are taking leadership positions on the team while Cole continues to be mediocre. How can you honestly say that Cole is doing fine? Do you think we will do anything with him playing like this? I know we wont. We cannot rely on our perimeter shooting in the tournament we have to have our big man playing like a beast and so far this season he has not been a beast at all. I wish people would stop making excuses for him. Cole wont make any excuses for himself, of course you would know that since you can read minds and all...

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Marcus breaks Collins' streak of four straight No. 1s

hahahahahahahaha YMCA? I played ball in Texas son. Was not comparing myself to Cole in the least bit. I was saying that he is viewing that the wrong way and dealing with it the wrong way. And if he couldnt handle the pressure of being a basketball player at Kansas then he shouldnt have gone here. There is pressure every year, this is Kansas! In no way was I comparing myself to Cole, in no way at all. I was saying that I have had to play ball away from a dying family member and so I know how hard that can be to deal with. I just know the potential of Cole and he has not shown that at all this season. Bronchitis? That was a while ago, he is not sick right now, I listened to him speak to Kansas fans after the Nebraska game and he sounded and acted fine. Cole should be the best player on the team and he has not been that but more than one time this season, the Memphis game. Outside of the Memphis game, Cole has shown no leadership on this team and he didnt today either. He scored most of his points when it didnt matter. I want Sherron and Cole to score at the beginning of games because the younger guys seem to struggle early in games, especially on the road. Leaders should calm their teams down and be able to score big baskets when their team needs them. Sherron does it all the time and Cole has done it once all season long, once. That is pathetic.

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Game 17: KU vs. Texas Tech

It's not like a contradicted myself I said YOU can give Cole an A- that doesnt mean I would give him an A-. I said we need our preseason all americans to score early an often because if they dont we have NO shot at beating Texas this season. I was not speaking about todays game in particular. I think Sherrons game today was not the best but he has been the leader of the team the whole year with very little help from Cole. Dsmith84, do you really think Coles play this year is anywhere close to the way he played last year? I dont. Not even close.

The reason why I worry about Cole and Im hard on him is because I am not worried at all about Sherron, Marcus, Markieff, Xavier, Brady, or Tyrel but we cannot win it all in March with the way Cole is playing right now. I want KU to win it all and I think we have the talent but talent doesnt translate into championships. At this point we would lose to Texas and Kentucky, in fact we would get beat by double digits. Not saying its all Coles fault but it would take the pressure off of everyone else if he decided to show up at some point this season.

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Game 17: KU vs. Texas Tech

Well I think X is fine, hes just a freshman. We should not be relying on a freshman this much, we should be relying on our 7 foot center that was preseason all american. I agree with you about Tyshawn but at least Tyshawn shows that he wants to be out there and is trying to get better. Cole has been in a fun most of the season. No matter what you grade him you cannot honestly say that he is playing anything like he did last year. I dont expect him to score 20 a game because we do have a better surrounding cast but I do expect him to go up like a man when he gets an offensive rebound. I do expect him to make smart plays. I would be fine with Cole if we was playing hard and not making stupid plays and fouls while averaging 14 points 14 boards. I dont think thats too much to ask from him. He is usually the biggest man on the court, he should be able to score on just about anyone. I do appreciate his rebounding I will say that he has done that well this year. But one thing that really speaks volumes to how Cole is playing was the game at Tennessee when he grabbed 18 boards and 8 offensive rebounds, a very good rebounding game. But he only shot 5 times? I dont know about any of you but when I was growing up if you got an offensive rebound you went right back up with the shot because those are your points. How can a guy get 8 offensive boards and only get off 5 shots? Just based off rebounds he should have shot 7 or 8 times.

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Marcus breaks Collins' streak of four straight No. 1s

Oh Im not going to give up on him. I know what Cole can do and I know what hes been dealing with. I know his grandmas health is not a good situation but if thats what is holding him back then he is approaching it the wrong way. Look, I have been in situations where someone in my family was dying and I found basketball to be an escape from everything else. And I played every minute for that particular person. Cole should be playing for his grandmother. And yes I know he has been sick but you know what? Everyone gets sick, doesnt mean you have to play weak it just means your minutes may be limited. Maybe the only credible reason is him getting double and triple teamed and I do understand that's tough. But when he isnt being double and triple teamed hes not playing like the guy we all got to know last year. I watched that Nebraska game and when he shot the ball it was painful to watch. Its painful to watch a freshman, skinny, no talent center score over Cole anytime he wants and thats what Jorge Brian Diaz did to Cole at Nebraska. Today he still played that way and once again it was painful to watch. We need him to play like he did last year if we want to do anything in March. If he plays like he is right now in March we wont make it past the elite 8. He needs to start acting like a leader so Sherron doesnt have to do it all.

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Marcus breaks Collins' streak of four straight No. 1s

I think this team is playing well now that they are not ranked #1...I disagree with the ranking of Cole. Keegan can only name Cole's stats but when you look at the game when did Cole do most of his scoring? in the second half, when we had the game well in hand. Im still not a big fan of how Cole is playing, I think he is actually worse than last year. I want my All Americans to score early an often, especially Cole! Hes the big man of this team and he cannot get stupid fouls and take himself out of the game early. I dont know what is wrong with this kid but he needs to pull his head out! We went yet another game without a dunk from the tall and soft 7 footer.

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Game 17: KU vs. Texas Tech

You can give Cole and A- but he did a lot of his damage when we didnt need it. He had two stupid fouls in the first half so it was his fault he had to leave the game. A- is still generous. I dont care what Keegan rated him off of stats. We need our All Americans to score early and often to get us going. It does us no good to have Cole on the Bench in the first half with fouls. A- is not deserved here. Once again you look at his stats and decide his grade. The way TTU was playing today I think Keegan could have scored 14 in the second half alone. A- is a joke.

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3 things that i will definetly miss about this 2009-2010 team when it's eventually done.

Yeah It will be hard to replace Sherron's toughness but also his leadership. I feel like anytime we need a basket in the worst way he steps up and gets it for us. Im sure this year's senior night will be very emotional for Sherron, his family, and the fans. Hes may all time favorite Jayhawk and he always will be. Plays the game the way it was meant to be played.

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