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Four-star forward KJ Adams picks Kansas

Welcome, Mr. Adams! 6'6'' and keeps growing, a lethal addition to the Jayhawk family! Can't waaaaiiiiiittttttttttt!

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Four-star forward KJ Adams picks Kansas

LOL... I wonder how busy in the NCAA office these days..

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Marcus Garrett made the All-Big 12 what team?

You've said it: the most Impactful player of the year!

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Bill Self willing to rest Jayhawks if needed during Big 12 tourney week

Laugh all you want, but I still don't think we play as a team yet. At least we're still winning right? I still don't see kids picking up their teammates falling on the ground chasing loose ball or getting hammered. Not as spontaneous as other teams have shown. Maybe it's coach's strategy, but I still see a lot could've been done differently when kids going all the way to the basket, failed to score.
If we are to play as a team, brotherhood/camaraderie is a must - if that feeling is not there, we're going to fall before even reach the FF. Trust me.

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Quick recap: No. 1 Kansas tops Texas Tech to win outright Big 12 title

Let's just hope we continue the momentum all the way. My worry is just Dok is going to call for travelling during the tourney. That's the reality of pounding inside as opposed to just throw lobs.

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Benton Smith: Defensive confidence carrying Jayhawks into postseason as best team in nation

Not that average according to Kenpom. Thanks to the 3-heeaded monster. With U-hulk-a's dunking on everyone, DDot's speedy to the basket, and Garrett's dribble drive crossing over everyone, we're still #9 in adjO ranking. The only other team that ranks top-ten both in adjO and adjD is SDSU.

But to Edward's point, I still think 3pt shooting is also critical to win it all. That's going to keep us from winning it all, IMHO.

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One-year relationship between Isaiah Moss, Kansas basketball mutually beneficial

Whatever it is, I'm glad that Moss decided to join the Jayhawks. Too bad, he'll exit by end of season. He's such a smooth shooter.

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 1 Kansas vs. TCU

Without Dok? we'll probably labor & win by thin margin. With Dok, we should be able to trash them.

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Kansas coach Bill Self happy to let experts handle decisions about coronavirus' impact on college basketball

Wear gloves, N95 masks, training pants, long sleeves jersey...?

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Kansas PG Devon Dotson one of five finalists for Bob Cousy Award

Well deserved award winner!

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