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Silvio De Sousa keeps it simple as Jayhawks rout Oklahoma

Keep it up, young man! You've got big bros you can learn from: Dok & Lightfoot. Our team looks really scary with DeSousa picking up so quickly. We are NC contender if we can beat TT the way we ran over OU.

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Tom Keegan: Devonte' Graham makes his case for best player in Big 12 against Oklahoma

Suck it up, Dickie & ESPN!! Who's the boss now?

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 104, Oklahoma 74

Our team plays like in All Stars game. But, this team is an All-Star indeed, when they play their hearts out like that.

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Sherron Collins fights tears during jersey retirement ceremony

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Sherron! Couldn't have got the trophy without you, either!

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Jayhawks blow out Oklahoma, 104-74, on Big Monday

Lon & staff needs to watch the '300' movie. It's bloody, brutal, and merciless. That's Kansas!!! Wow.. just wow... Our players were hungry for blood. This is as good as it gets. Congrats to the whole KU coaching staff and the team. This is Kansas Basketball, baby!!!

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Game day Breakdown: No. 13 KU basketball vs. No. 20 West Virginia

i just read your comment, wow.. those two were exactly what our team brought yesterday!! good call, Bryce!!

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Comeback kids: Jayhawks rally to knock off West Virginia again

Now the question is really, when are our guards going to break the 30% 3pt-FG mark? It's been a while since we see those 3s raining down. I'm afraid we'll need the accuracy back before March - consistent 3s, that is...

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1-3-1 breakdown: Three under-the-radar moments from KU-WVU II

Those giphyies show how Dok can man-handle 2 guys inside - very solid defensive stand. When he spreads his arms (or pushes opponents away :) and his legs like that, none will get in his way!!! Great job on defense, Dok!!!! Great analysis, as always!!

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Tom Keegan: Bob Huggins' frustrations erupt in late-game ejection

That's the risk of playing full-press all the time. No surprise at all. It is expected to see them Mountaineers wrap their arms around KU players' bodies, smacking our players in the head, pushing those players around. Sorry, Bob, as bad as the officiating, it doesn't really matter, it's a sweep!!

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