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KU still has plenty of options after four-star forward Samuell Williamson picks Louisville

Player like, Keyontae Johnson, would've been a nice pick-up. We need alpha baller, a strong one with attitude and loud, like JJ. It seems this year we have a quiet team.

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Another 2019 star to visit Kansas for Late Night in the Phog

Stanley will be a great addition to Jayhawk MBB team. He's a very good handler and passer with lots of hopping oomph.

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2019 SG Christian Braun commits to Kansas

For a sec, he reminds me of our floor burnin general, mr. Haase. But I think Braun has a higher ceiling. He can take the ball anywhere he likes. I hope he'll stick around for at least 2-3 seasons. A great addition to Jayhawk family..!! Welcome Christian!!

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Kansas Basketball Record Watch 2018-19: Marcus Garrett

IMHO, #TO stat is more meaningful if someone is more actively passing, shooting the ball. Sure Marcus' TO was very low last season, but we have to look at whether he had good assist#, FG% as well. Someone might be just a weaver, with no TOs, but low assist# and scoring at the same time. That's what I feel what Marcus did last season. He wasn't actively participating in shooting or creating shots for others, but more of a facilitator in coach's weaving at the top of key. But Joe is right, Marcus is good, he can be real good. He has to show up, though. This kid can be explosive (remember his dunk vs WV, or Duke, can't recall), but that's like very rare. I'm very eager to see him growing as a solid contributor in FG% and assists this coming season. He has all the tools, he just need to use them during each game. He needs to practice lots of jumpshots, quick Js - he's going to need that if he wants to amp up his game. Godspeed, Garrett!

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Jayhawks set to get serious with preseason basketball workouts

Duke worries me with Zion & Barrett on the roster. They've been playing impressively in opening games, especially Zion. We really need to assign someone on him 100% - if that is possible at all.

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Former Jayhawk Frank Mason III to compete at Team USA training camp

Wooo hooo... so happy for you, General!!

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Highly ranked Class of 2020 combo guard R.J. Hampton schedules official visit with Kansas

What happens to Jaden Springer's recruitment? This kid will be an awesome addition to KU.

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Jayhawks maintain Border War bragging rights with 109-101 alumni victory

Wow, what a show! BRush still has it in him. I wish him best of luck in NBA next season!

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Mykhailiuk shines among former Jayhawks in Summer League

He's still making $1M/yr. Not bad for Svi at all.

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Junior guard Sam Cunliffe leaving Kansas

I feel bad for Sam and those KU fans (including me) who would hope to watch his explosiveness constantly game after game. But sadly, this world is unfair. Be strong, have faith, Sam.. things happen for a reason. You just have to make the best out of this. Thanks for being a part of KU tradition! Best of luck to you and fam!

Vick, on the other hand, you better show us your progress, your maturity, decision making, no-fear attitude!
Make Sam's leaving a worthwhile sacrifice...!!

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