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2018 point guard Devon Dotson commits to Kansas

The cleanest program among the Ivy league!! Zion + Grimes are very likely coming to KU, if they're wise.

Welcome to the family, Mr. Dotson!

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With the waiting now behind him, Malik Newman is ready to roll

Oh, yeah.. we know how capable this kid is. It'll be fun watching him, unleashing his hunger! I expect his 20pt for at least 10 games or more.

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Kansas Athletics official says none of Bill Self's pay comes directly from Adidas

Thanks for sharing this valuable info! We're proud to be a Jayhawk!
Dignity, honor and integrity!

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Joel Embiid nearing return, 76ers to play in KC next Friday

Looking good, Jojo! I wish you the best season ahead. Can't wait to watch those Hakeem's post moves!

BTW, what a great opening for our dear rookie Hawks in the league:

Frank Mason III vs Spurs - 17 Pts

Josh Jackson vs Blazers - 14 Pts

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He Will, He Won't, He Might 2017: Udoka Azubuike

I'm with ya on this, Joe..
and the following should be on our guards' minds all the time now that we have posts that can catch and finish strong:

But the guess here is that most of it will come from penetration by KU’s guards, who, after forcing the defense to collapse, will simply throw it up and let the big guy go get it. He does that very well and should get at least a few dunks and easy buckets a game on that alone.

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Bill Self looking for more inside from Billy Preston

You're both right and wrong :)
With Billy's skills, playing in big man position will only make him more lethal. Because on offense, he can move much faster out, drawing his defender away from the basket when needed or doing spoof post move and hit jumpers or step-backs easily - well, I'm assuming the coaches agree here.. Moving around the basket down low is another story. Perhaps he can learn from big Dok. Defense is where he will be needed around the basket and boxing out real tight.

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2017-18 Jayhawks prepared to practice for real on Tuesday

There are a lot to be thankful for this season: HCBS is HOF, Dok is healthy, good # of transfers will make our team better even though some are only allowed to play in practices, great commits for the next season, Vick looking better and better, Newman is a stud, etc.etc.etc..
Expect to win 14th B12, go deep in the exciting tourney - sweet 16 sounds achievable.
I'm ready for this!!!!

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Tom Keegan: Ex-Jayhawk Tony Guy battled Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson

That'd be great Marius! Thx a ton!

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Bill Self looking for more inside from Billy Preston

It takes time to get adjusted to college games for Billy, but if he studies Wilt's games, and if he's will to bang inside a bit, he'll earn starting spot as starter. With Cormack on his side, he didn't have to do a lot of those in high school, I guess.

HCBS has a valid concern, we haven't been rebounding well or boxing out opponents for the past 3-4 years, based on a short glance on our team stats out there.
As you're aware, rebounding is different than shooting drills. These guys have to develop their reflexes well. We've got more players with perfect bodies now, we should be able to improve rebounding margin this season.

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Tom Keegan: Scandal can't bring down college basketball

This is sad if those recruits commit to KU because of the scandal. You want recruits who make decision to go to a college because they believe in the program or coaches, or tradition, not because they have no where else to go. Sigh..

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