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Notebook: Malik Newman leaves game with a concussion

We should unite as Jayhawk family. When one member is down, let's help him get back up again. I wish your speedy recovery, Mr. Newman. The team needs you, no matter what. You will get better and we believe you will be the best you can be helping our team to regain confidence and keep the B12 trophy in Lawrence!
God bless you!

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Postgame Report Card: Arizona State 95, Kansas 85

It's time for Graham to call Franky. Get some advice. Go do it before it's too late, 'Tae!

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks missing scoring spark off the bench

Garrett and Mitch are better on defense. But at this point, teams that are running & gunning win..oh, and playing Zone-D against us. If we don't have answer on Offense, might as well forget about this season. Mind that ASU just played a couple days ago, then they had to travel to KU. They're 7-man rotation, too. I think they have better stamina than our boys.

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Devonte' Graham tops ratings in home loss to Arizona State

yeah, I'm with you on this one. White seemed overwhelmed by Dok's presence. Svi has costed us plenty but that's also attributed to ASU quickness. Dok should be at least above Newman.

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More Miscues: Jayhawks struggle defensively, fall at home to Arizona State

Why don't we look at it from different perspective? ASU is a better team. I expected a loss anyway.

They beat us to the basket: our guards need to train how to slide quicker. Or some suggest, draw a charge.
They can shoot 3s. We all know that. We just need to counter attack with 3 as well. Our guards need to get better in shooting 3s guarded or non-contested. Go practice harder. We did see lobs and dunks perfectly executed. Well.. do some more!! Feed Dok and Vick! They got steals here and there.. well, any coaches by now should know HCBS offense style: keep weaving and weaving and weaving in the perimeter. Against quick and long guards, nothing spectacular about swiping ball from our guards' hands. The direction is PREDICTABLE. There's no screening, it's just handing the ball to another guard in one direction. They seem to do the same thing (plus penetration), but with different results. Go watch the tape again and again. Nothing can be done at this point. That's up to HCBS.

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Devil of an afternoon: Arizona State knocks off KU in Allen Fieldhouse

Remy Martin is annoying as hell. What a douche.. I was so excited Svi swatted his layup - clean.

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Getting to know: Arizona State basketball

Yes, Kent is right. Defense will NOT win a game if the team doesn't finish fastbreaks. Defense will NOT win a game if the team does not have good offense strategy, even if it has good shooters, even with a BIG Dok. What our team also needs is guts like BIFM. Draw fouls, penetrate, penetrate and penetrate, fake shots; we have guards all over the court - their job is not just to standby and fire shots, I would hope. But, there is still a chance - we can still play good ball once we figure out how to play together.

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Game day breakdown: No. 2 KU basketball vs. No. 16 Arizona State

Self vs Hurley, Tra vs Graham, White vs Dok, and... I have a bad feeling about this one.
Stats might look similar, but...
Coaching wise, Hurley adapts modern style, lots of moving parts. He's got an edge over our coach, no offense. Team wise, they've got more athletic & length team. Graham can take over the game if he's willing to. Dok will have to be patient on both sides of the court. Their bigs got more touches than ours!!!

Let's hope KU fight like it's their last game on earth!!
Go Jayhawk!

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Tom Keegan: Basketball man-child Udoka Azubuike doing his best to catch up

I wonder if KU staff ever inquires future recruits these improper benefits before scholarships are granted. How do we prevent this situation in the future? Does the staff look the other way even if they know there's a violation, thus, taking big risk??
This situation hurts the kids more than anything else. Of course it hurts us fans, and the team, too. But like Marius said, they won't get drafted that high. Unless Preston is like Lebron or Kobe caliber.

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self searching for 'dogs'

How? Pass it to Vick, he'll take a mid jumper if he feels comfortable, if not? He'll try to get closer to basket, either get swatted or IF he sees Dok, he could bounce pass and Dok will flush the basket. That's a BIG "IF".
The more effective way is for guards to penetrate IF they've got guts like BIFM and throw lobs on the move for Dok to work the rest. That's another BIG "IF".

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