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Tom Keegan: Coaching change would energize fanbase

"The most pressing stadium need lies in putting more bodies in the stands, however uncomfortable the metal bleachers. Playing competent, competitive football is the only way to do that."

THIS! Give people a reason to show up and they will.

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KU volleyball rebounds with win at West Virginia

What a bizarre season.

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Tom Keegan: Even Bill Self wonders what preseason No. 1 really means


Or Arizona?

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Self: No change in Silvio De Sousa's status for Thursday exhibition game vs. Washburn

I don't know what's best for Silvio. But if I'm a talented athlete, with aspirations to get paid some day to play basketball, and don't particularly care about getting a degree (in the next few years, anyways)... I'm taking a real hard look at other options.

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KU now refuses to share info with public on $1.5M in Adidas payments; last week it said lack of personnel was reason for delay

That's the point Kyle. The LJW clearly believes the U is obligated. The U, not so much.

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KU football stuns TCU behind late-game theatrics

Is Beaty one more win away from retaining his job for another season?

Especially if it comes against K-State?

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In wake of basketball corruption trial's verdict, Self says his staff has done nothing wrong

Bill Self is a smart person and is incredibly media savvy. He never says things that he knows could come back to bite him. For him to publicly say that he had no knowledge of payments, when he could have just remained mum, or worded it in a more vague way... is promising.

I'm guessing Self was as knowledgeable as any coach about the underbelly of college athletics and MAYBE even complicit.

However, his statement makes me believe he is very confident that there is no concrete evidence that will implicate him. No way Bill Self releases that statement if he is even the least bit worried that it will come back to bite him.

Unless he's planning on retiring/leaving for the NBA after this season. lol

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Silvio De Sousa will not play in KU's exhibition opener

Agreed. None of this is going to be cleared up soon. De Sousa could sign a contract somewhere, make some money, and dedicate all of his time to basketball.

It may have been a coincidence, but it seemed like KU started playing better once Billy Preston decided to leave last year. Unfortunately for KU this season, the looming cloud of NCAA sanctions won't go away once DeSousa leaves.

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Beaty on 2019 recruiting class: 'We don't have a whole lot to give'

Where's ADIDAS when we need them?!?!

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Jayhawks enter 2018-19 season ranked No. 1 in AP poll

I see the talent, but I also see a bunch of guys with very limited playing time together. I won't be surprised if it takes some time to get things rolling. I also wonder how much of an impact the NCAA investigation will have on the individual and collective team mindset. It would be foolish and incredibly naive to believe that the looming investigations and potential fallout won't impact the team in some capacity.

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