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Tom Keegan: KU needs to find the department leader who can find the football leader

For all of the success Ed Warinner has had as an assistant coach, it really baffles me as to why he hasn't yet found an HC job.

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Tom Keegan: Adidas cloud hovers where all college basketball roads lead

No. It's time for the NCAA to get with the times and stop barring these athletes from earning what they deserve from their own popularity/image.

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Basketball walk-on James Sosinski breaking tackles upon return to KU football

I need James Sosinski updates DAILY!

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KU's Lagerald Vick announces intention to turn pro

I wish the best for Vick and am happy he's able to pursue his dream of playing professionally.

I know a lot of people are high on Romeo Langford, but it's hard to imagine him, as a freshman, having more of an impact than a senior Vick would have had. One thing is for sure: Vick's departure will sting if KU does not land Langford.

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KU's Lagerald Vick announces intention to turn pro

"[Vick] announced via a press release that he would not be back for his senior season at KU and instead would turn pro."

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Breaking down Malik Newman's chances in the NBA

I look at Wayne Selden as someone with a comparable game to Newman and as someone who has found success in the NBA. So much of making it in the NBA, however, seems to be about fit and luck. Selden may very well have become a G-League or international player had a couple of injuries not opened a starting spot on the Memphis roster a couple of years ago.

For my money - and this could be due to recency bias - I'm taking Malik Newman over Wayne Selden if I'm picking between the two to play the SG position.

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Having fun and getting crazy with a few potential 2018-19 KU basketball lineups

I don't know Vick, and I'm assuming you don't either. Therefore, we don't know what his true motivations are. Maybe he's less concerned about making money in the NBA and more concerned about maximizing the time he has to make SOME money playing basketball. He's more than good enough to make good money playing overseas.

The NBA isn't the only option. Plus, some of these kids simply may not like the grind of going to class AND practice every day.

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