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Going off script isn't necessarily a bad thing for maturing Jayhawks

I'm not sure Kansas has had the type of team that routinely rolls over teams in a very long time. Though I'm sure most of that is due to the improved quality of competing Big 12 teams.

I'd be interested in comparing average margin of victory (against Big XII opponents) over Bill Self's tenure. I'd be willing to bet it's gotten much slimmer over time, with slight exceptions of course.

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Oh my, Ochai: KU freshman Agbaji delivers dazzling debut to help No. 7 Kansas top No. 25 TCU

Unfortunately, Vick is just who Vick is. He's not going to be a consistent player. Dedric is that guy. We just have to hope Vick is on when we need him most.

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Game day - No. 7 Kansas vs. No. 25 TCU

Strange to call the third game of the conference season a must win, but this feels as close to a must-win early-conference game that I can recall.

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KU football player Pooka Williams applies for diversion in domestic battery case

My guess is Pooka ends up suspended for 4 games or so. Maybe 6?

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Game day: No. 1 Kansas basketball vs. South Dakota

Weakest team Kansas has faced thus far. Maybe this will be the first (?) game Kansas can lead wire-to-wire. And hopefully a blow out by half time...

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Top-ranked Kansas among college basketball teams with toughest schedules so far

It's not Gonzaga's fault that those teams are bad this year, but they're bad nonetheless. Both of your points stand.

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Although it still stung, Kansas coach Bill Self found a pleasant surprise while rewatching KU's Final Four loss to Villanova

Agreed. KU did not overachieve. That team had pros and a lot of experience. Not as much talent as some years, but more collective talent than all but a small handful of teams.

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Jayhawks jump back into top spot in AP Top 25

K-State not even receiving votes! OUCH!


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Jayhawks in need of more 3-point shooting to support Lagerald Vick

A big part of the problem is 'Dok and his inability to pass the ball out of the post.

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Matt Tait: Forget the rest, Les Miles hire is KU's biggest victory in years

This really is a home run hire when you consider that Jeff Long was never going to be able to lure any of the big-time candidates away from their current jobs.

Every concern I've seen and heard regarding the hire has major holes.

It's Weis 2.0!
Nope. Weis never had sustained success at the college level and never won with his own recruits -- Miles did both!

At 65, his heart won't be in it.
Then why come back at all? Why not just collect your remaining buy-out from LSU (while pretending to look for a job) and retire?

At 65, he won't be coaching for long.
He's in good health. I believe Glen Mason holds the longest tenure in KU football history at NINE years. If Miles is successful, and remains healthy, surely he could coach through age 74.

He's just going to move on to a more competitive program.
A) That would be the concern for every hire. B) Then why not just wait and take a better job this year or next? I can't imagine other schools haven't been inquiring. And even if he does, won't that mean he will have turned KU into a competitor?

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