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Kansas, Missouri renew basketball Border War for hurricane relief

Not sure how I feel about this, but I sure hope Missouri gets its @** kicked.

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Is the Border War back?

don't like it.

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Add "except with Kansas football" at end of your fortune cookie

What ends on hope does not end at all, except with Kansas football.

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Records of Kansas athletic directors' football hires, from Q to Z

To be around long enough to hire a third football HC is literally unprecedented in the modern era of KU athletics.

No way Zenger gets that opportunity. His longevity will be determined by Beaty's success, or lack thereof.

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List of potential players in college basketball scandal continues to grow

Man. Jaybate was all over this sneaker garbage YEARS ago.

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He Will, He Won't, He Might 2017: Udoka Azubuike

KU proved last year that it can win without a bonafide scoring presence in the post. My hope is that Bill Self doesn't try to turn AZ into something he isn't. Don't feed him the ball in the post anymore than what's necessary. Spread everybody else out, penetrate, dish, dunk.

Praying AZ stays healthy as well. This team can become very thin in a hurry!

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KU coach Bill Self: 'It's been a dark week'

It wouldn't be about the pay. It would be about the opportunity to coach the best athletes in the word at the highest level. Also, he'd only have to worry about basketball. No recruiting and silly NCAA rules/violations.

I won't be shocked if he gives the NBA a shot in a few years. But I don't think it's something he's actively planning on doing. All my own speculation, of course.

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KU coach Bill Self: 'It's been a dark week'

Bill Self is always calculated in how he expresses himself to the media. He doesn't say things that will come back to bite him. That makes me think that he has no involvement in this matter. He was, however, a little more careful in discussing his assistants. I'm guessing that's only because he can't be 100% sure they're not receiving bribes. But it looks like HCBS is clear of any involvement. I'll take him at his word.

Man, I hope this all blows over and KU is free from any implication.

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How much longer will Bill Self coach?

For real. There are maybe three current coaches in the game that have better resumes than Self: K, Williams, Pitino.

I wouldn't trade Self for any of 'em.

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