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UNC-ya: Halftime speech by seniors — not Bill Self — sparks KU in 70-58 win

Whatever it takes to get Travis to assert is the best line-up. He appears to defer less without the RSF Star on the court. He shouldn't have to hesitate to consider taking the open three (even if there hasn't yet been three passes) if we struggle to get open like Ben does when the scouts key him out. Great game Travis and way to spread the D Naadir! Everyone loves Withey's angry face. I hope that shiner lingers on the tough guy - a good look for the Intimidator,

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Opinion: Jeff Withey helps save day

The Hungry Win
Tourney play is a Privilege not a Right.
Confidence has no time for Anxiety.
Lets Do This.

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Ready to roll: Jayhawks make themselves at home

Academic support? Give me a break.

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Notebook: Kevin Young lower leg injury not serious

Without being a spoiler for HCBS next surprise, once JT learns to focus on the hole when open after muscling his course through the play, those shots will drop, and he'll be the darling in a double digit performance. Good minutes Jamari.

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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

Perry, I thought You had some of your best minutes yet coming in for the foul burdened Kevin. You are coming along but it's time to arrive. Y'all need to see the ball into the hoop kids. Seems you're so surprised the mechanics you've repeated a thousand times get you an open look, that you're rushing the delivery and not "seeing" the ball through the hoop, "seeing" the pass around the defender's inertia, "seeing" the open lanes and weak-side advantage. Let's do this. Now is the time for celebrity boys to become legendary men. RCJH - Go KU!

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Travis Releford impresses Bill Self, takes top honor

I can recommend a terrific ophthalmologist.

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Opinion: Guard play concern for KU

"Self's teams have a tendency to pass mechanically at times from all the repetition and it gets guys in trouble. Just a few ball fakes here and there would seem to make a difference to me." That is the fog of which these kids need to be most aware!

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Life of the party: Jeff Withey's blocks highlight KU's win over OU

Great photo Nick. Obsessive denial, Jeff "Lid" Withey.

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What was the top KU basketball moment of 2012?

I guess the Miz voters didn't have faith enough to join us in NOLA or they'd know better.

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Rock shop Jayhawk: KU men relish shopping excursion

Since this is off subject to the sport anyhow, just sayin', why can't they go downtown Lawrence and pull together some gifts not made in China? Seems like a better path to establishment as "America's NCAAMBB Team".

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