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Former Jayhawk Brandon Rush excited, nervous for jersey retirement at Allen Fieldhouse

BRush is the best. I remember when he came back from surgery against Washburn. Pretty special moment. Congrats to Brandon -- so well deserved.

Here is the video of the return if you want to smile:

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self too secure to worry about freshmen minutes

Who would you replace Self with?

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Prep Jaylen Brown singles out Self, Calipari

hahaha assuming you're being clever, I enjoyed this.

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KU’s starting lineup in flux

JV: 7
AM: 15
RR: 27

not sure about turg and rex

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Here's what type of player KU is getting in Hunter Mickelson

Dooley was the lead recruiter on Perkins, as I understand it, so I don't know if that will affect it at all. Hopefully it doesn't.

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'Bill Self Shuffle' the latest dance craze; Bill Simmons bashes Kings for trading T-Rob

weirdly phrased, but I think the thought was essentially to justify the preceding "no he wasn't that playing that well" e.g. no he wasn't playing that well but that's because he was playing in the worst possible situation etc

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KU three-point shot charts: Naadir Tharpe's hot spot and other quirks

Echo those who are saying that any team that could've benefitted from this chart does not deserve to be on the same floor as KU. Mildly preposterous claim you guys. So rather than suggesting that Jesse is somehow giving an unfair advantage to the Temple owls, let's just appreciate the fact that he is providing consistently solid analysis that, as he mentioned, takes a lot of work to put together (if you're not using Synergy :) ) I, for one, am enormously interested in this stuff, and if nothing else, I can impress my friends next time I watch a game.

Thanks for putting it together, Jesse.

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Opinion: Be kind to Jayhawks, because Self won't be

Amazing quotes, jb....Thanks so much for sharing.

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