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Inconsistency at root of KU offense's issues before OC shakeup

For your online radio broadcast.

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Former KU broadcaster Max Falkenstien dies at 95

I listened to Max on the radio with my dad. Who played football at KU in about 1940. My kids listened to Max on the radio with me. We were 3 generations listening to Max. Godspeed, Sir!

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Silvio De Sousa ruled ineligible through 2019-20 season

If I understand this correctly. The guardian got $2,500 for class expenses at KU. Silvio loses not only this year but next year for the guardian getting the $2,500. Silvio didn't receive the money.

My question is, what punishment did Maryland get for the guardian getting $60,000 on Maryland's behalf? Silvio didn't receive the money.

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Nutty opinions abound that Kansas football job does not attract quality applicants

Phillip Fulmer wanted the job when Gill was hired.

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Tom Keegan: My fake outrage over Bill Self’s slip

I think his comments are a culmination of Brannens continuous string of missteps. We don't know how many of them they've dealt with behind the scenes. That being said, I too think something isn't right within this team. It has got to be very frustrating from a coaching standpoint. But at least we're not having the seasons Kentucky and Duke are having to this point. I can't imagine the comments on here, if and when we ever drop out of the top 25!

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'Voice of the Jayhawks' Bob Davis to retire following 2015-16 basketball season

I do the same thing. Even with the delay. Sad day for the listeners. Won't be the same. That's for sure.

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Nick Collison major contributor to OKC culture

My son went to several KU camps as a little guy. The second year I took him up there, the guys were signing autographs. He was in Nicks line. When it was his turn, Nick looks up, looks down to sign, looks back up and grins. He says, Adam, right? Blew my mind! How many kids he sees and remembered his name. Hell, I was on cloud nine! Let alone my boy. It all stemmed from a pick up game the previous summer when Adam and Nick played against Kenny Gregory and another camper. Kenny had Adam stand in the lane and he jumped over him for a dunk. What a cool time for us all.

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Lions’ Bledsoe open-minded about college destination

It would be a good signing. My kids didn't want to stay in their own back yard. They wanted to "get out of town". He may as well. Hope he stays. But he may just want to see somewhere else for a change. Hard to find fault with a kid that wants to spread his wings. I hope he chooses KU. But, I get it if he wants to see what's out there. Away from the parentals.

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Notebook: Fieldhouse packed as usual on snowy Saturday

Weather? What weather? We made our annual pilgrimage to Allen Fieldhouse. 330 miles from SW Kansas. Yes, it snowed on us. We were going. Period. 10 of us met up in Lawrence. Another successful mission! Rock Chalk!

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KU basketball's Traylor, football's Coleman arrested early Sunday morning

"Interfering with an officer" can be as simple as lying to the officer about what happened. A fight breaks out between your buddy and an angry frat boy. Your buddy started it, but you lie to cover his butt. 15 other witnesses tell another version. You "interfered". DON"T FRIGGIN BE THERE AT 2:00 AM! Didn't you learn anything from Naddir's late night activities? Or Brady's? To name just a couple. C'mon man!

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