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Notebook: Bill Self likes 'showcase' that ESPN's Big Monday brings

"The next day I couldn’t walk, I was so sore being on the treadmill that long. That was the lesson learned from that one." - Scott Drew

Yeah, I don't think that's "the lesson" the NCAA Committee on Infractions wants to hear you learned, Drew. Here's to hoping you can start playing by the same rules as everyone else.

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Wilt’s wonder: KU legend’s 100-point game turns 50 years old

Gary Pomerantz, author of Wilt, 1962, speaks about Chamberlain's legendary 100-point game as a member of the Philadelphia Warriors. Friday, March 2 is the 50th anniversary of the Warriors win over the Knicks.

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Kentucky's John Calipari to visit Wichita recruit Perry Ellis

Couldn't agree with you more, 100.

Get a life, kusportsdotcom. That's like me picking apart the fact you left out a space after "machine." Who cares?

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Allen Fieldhouse helps Turner Gill recruit for KU football, too

Worst. Comment. Ever. Nobody's being soft here. In fact, it's the complete opposite. These students should be upset their university is preventing them from going to games they deserve to attend, and all just so a few more tickets can be sold to douches in town on marketing trips. The students are not saying "don't let the football recruits come," but they are saying "give them GA tickets, not our student tickets." After all, are recruits students? No, not technically.

The students are what make Allen Fieldhouse the experience it is, not the fair-weather fans or douches in town once every ten years who are willing to pay "big bucks" for tickets. In fact, I haven't seen many of these types get the crowd rousted like the students can, but I have seen them leave a game early so they can get to their S-Classes with heated seats a little quicker. Without the students and their passion, you can bet your hiney AFH isn't going to attract a single recruit.

Also, this university is here to service the students, not the other way around. If you didn't take that from your experience, I apologize and there is always graduate school. Then you might not have to pay big bucks for your tickets and limit yourself to only one game per decade.

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K.C. where money is

A terrible decision indeed. I live in Kansas City, and even I would never consider going to this game. Meyer and KU7679 have laid it all out for us: No one in their right mind wants to drive to this godforsaken sports complex, stand in line for hours, put up with drunk and belligerent MU fans, sit in god-awful nose-bleed seats, receive crappy food and service, then try to get out of there amidst a chaotic mass exit of more drunk and belligerent MU fans. Lastly, I don't have kids, but if I did, I couldn't see taking them into this type of environment. I think I'll save my hard-earned money for a Lawrence game where I can revisit my alma mater, have a good time with my fellow Jayhawks, reminisce about my days on the hill, and support the Lawrence economy. Nothing will ever beat a Lawrence game for my money.

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Keegan: Another stunner for Drew

Seriously, who cares, Keegan? Try writing about something someone cares about here at If you're looking to branch out to a more diverse audience, get a job at ESPN or something of the like. Otherwise, I, myself, come to to read about KU Sports. And I'm pretty sure that most of the rest of your reading audience thinks the same. Thanks!

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Mayer: Jayhawks have 'big' problem

This is what you have to say about the number 3 team in the nation? An undefeated team at that? Give me a break, Mayer. You are obviously out of your mind. We'll see where your pessimistic prediction leads come March.

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