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Sophomore bump: Cozart helps rally first-teamers to victory in spring game


I'm a big fan of your work and always appreciate the insight, but I feel like I am missing the game article?

This is terrible.

Where is the recap of each quarter, good plays by white team, description of yardage, momentum, some description of why blue team was so awful, key plays (offensive or defensive), some comment on running backs, o-line, defensive pressure, coverage, what about our new receiver?

No mention at all of rule 5, no mention of Talib and Harris being in town? I had to read about that in the KC Star?

Apologies if there are three other stories , including a story about the actual game that I missed, but this story, if the objective is to communicate to those who were not there, is awful.

This article is the equivalent of listening to Davis and Gurley and trying to determine what is going on in a KU basketball game?

Btw, I listened to the tourney on Westwood One this year during spring break travel. Brad Sham and Will Perdue call a basketball game for a blind man. Beautiful work! You can see every screen, every defensive switch, every shot from the precise spot on the floor. Just incredible radio.

I appreciate you, but this article is awful.

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Installation of new offense this spring won't slow KU football down

Thanks Tyler, u saved me some time. I actually think the only literal comment in my post was regarding Eeyore's tail.

Andy, any loyal Jayhawk is on my team. But, be positive man. It's spring football. If it is deserved, you will have ample opportunity to critique, criticize and beat up the program and play Debbie Downer in October.

PS Yac is not a word, Yak is a word! I know how to spell catch. Lighten up, Francis....

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Installation of new offense this spring won't slow KU football down

Dude, I don't comment much anymore, but making this comment the day before spring ball, is like complaining about the backup catcher the day before pitchers and catchers report.

Come on, man.

It's spring ball. We've got a new OC, 3 quarterbacks who can all make plays with their feet and throw the ball downfield 30 yards on a rope and a dime. We've got 2 starting left tackles that will both play on Sundays, 4 recievers who can seperate, catch and create YAK, we've got unblockable d lineman that are 8 deep.

Hope springs eternal, We're Jayhawks....The next Orange Bowl is right around the next corner!!!!

Rock Chalk.

Leave the negativity at home, Eeyore

Pin your tail back on your butt and go out there and hit somebody!

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Opening-night victory would be 700th in Allen Fieldhouse

Looking forward to another fantastic season.

I love that my childhood coach, Ted Owens, has reconciled with KU and that he feels welcome in AFH. Some great teams and great memories from another generation.

I remember the track, but I don't remember any dirt? I thought the dirt floor was in Ahearn?

Dear Mr Zenger, glad you love KU basketball, but it doesn't need your help.

Your legacy will be made or vanquished in Memorial Stadium. Get busy.

We'll fill the 16,300 while your over there fixing that mess.

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Kansas football aims to score more

Yes, La Tech. If u throw a pic in the end zone, game goes into OT (not likely they return 100 yards).

And, probability of Pierson beating a corner higher than converting 52 yard field goal...

Although, it was 3rd down so u still had the FG option on 4th.

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Kansas football aims to score more


Note to self: Stay positive, stay positive ....

Ok, here goes: the fact that these guys seem to believe their own stuff is proof enough that we have the right coach.

Obviously, we have a massive talent gap vs. a quality BCS opponent. I have also been completely unimpressed with the play calling ( see backwards fumble in the Rice game that took us out of field goal range as as well as bubble screen to Pierson just prior to inexplicable 52 yd winning field goal)

I think you had to run a go route there with Pierson, throw the ball into the end zone and see if he can run past coverage, but these guys have no choice but to keep working and it seems like they really are, so I'll tip my hat to perseverance and effort.

But, if we're down thirty at half, you can sit in my seats, cuz ill be in the parking lot self medicating from the hurt that comes from being a perpetual KU football optimist that is almost mentally unable to believe in hope.

Oops, that wasn't very positive...

Love the line by the kid Smiley We're capable of scoring as many points as we want to"


Son, there ain't no draft!

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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice


I apologize to all 11 yr old girls everywhere with a little moxy and athletic ability.

I love the great quote "There is no greater feeling that blocking another man completely against his will and removing him from the play"

19, you should try it.

No wonder Bob Stoops cut you lose.

Can't catch it, no speed to separate and couldn't knock a squirrel away from his acorn.

Never been more disgusted at Kansas football. Never.

And, if we have one more 12 men on the field penalty this year, I'm GONNA KICK MY DOG AND MY NEIGHBORS DOG. Are you flipping kidding me??????

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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

Ouch. I am also a long time glutton for punishment Jhawk football this year is our year guy.

But, after watching Bama / aTm, this was just awful.

It's bad high school football.

I don't ever want to see 41 again....

He needs to pursue something that doesn't require hands. I mean, he's awful. And, I know, I know, it's just a game and he's just a kid. But, I actually pay lots of money to watch this crap.

And, Charlie Weis, what the hell are you thinking? When you have field position and worst case, a chance for 3 points and you call a backwards pass, err, fumble?????

That is just dumb. It's called a FORWARD pass for a reason.

Obviously on tv we can't really watch routes, but I am convinced:
1. We don't have any receivers that can get open and
2. Even if they did, cannot catch the ball

I hate to say it, but I would put Cummings in, use your 4 backs and run the Georgia Tech offense. It's our only obvious position of strength on offense and we are waisting on field positions with the receiver corpse on the field.

PS 19, if you can't run routes or catch, at least block somebody. You look like an 11 yr old girl when your attempting to execute a block. Pathetic

I am completely disgusted.

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Moving on without Chris Martin: Where KU football goes from here

Now, that right there is just plain laugh out loud funny. thx!

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Moving on without Chris Martin: Where KU football goes from here

Disclaimer: Innocent until proven guilty.

However, this is terrible news for KU football but even worse news for this kid.

He appears to have been blessed with tremendous athletic ability, but he already had a past, and then to kind of blow this second chance is sad indeed.

But, if he was there, regardless of whether he had the gun or not or took anything or not, he needs to go.

No disiplinary action other that terminating his relationship with the University is appropriate.

If I were a KU player, I don't want to be teamates with this guy. And, as a loyal KU alum, I don't want him to have 1 more minute of ability to tarnish the brand.

Again, innocent until proven guilty, but unfortunately his past choices and current charges make it unlikely that there isn't some merit.

Best case is likely that he is perhaps innocent, but guilty of keeping incredibly poor company.

Just no place for this kind of character at Kansas.

Fisticuffs at a local beer joint, boys will be boys, especially big boys who are still maturing.

But, Armed robbery? First, if guilty, he will be in jail not on campus. But, regardless of sentencing, you gotta go. Period, full stop.

Prayers for this young man that he turns his life around, but not in a KU uniform.

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