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KU football's 2018 recruiting class currently lacks a QB

It's been reported multiple times on Jayhawk Slant that KU isn't recruiting him anymore.

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Assistant football coach offices equipped with revolving doors at Kansas

I'm not sure his offense would fit in the big 12 or KU's personnel. 266 passing yards to date.

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'Tough' Kansas QB Carter Stanley enters second start of year with long leash

“So I think the other kid just kind of fits with what we have at the other positions — not to single out any positions." I don't understand why it took this long to figure out? Pretty sure the fans saw it every game. There's just not enough time back there for a pocket passer. Also, Stanley plays more like Kenny Stills and Trevone Boykin, so you would imagine he's a more natural fit for Meacham's offense. Great long overdue article. The team looks looks completely different with Stanley, in a good way. Let's #StickWithStanley and not bring in Vic next year.

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Notebook: Armstrong to return vs. Baylor; Lee handles brief demotion

I disagree with the amount of time Stanley had to throw. He was still sacked 4 times, with one of them being an untouched blind side blitz. Stanley didn't have much time to throw all day Saturday. If he had more time, it was because he made more time by extending plays with his legs. How many plays did he remind everyone of Todd Reesing? The 60 yard pass to Steven Sims was a play Bender couldn't have made. See Link: Bender may be great on a team with a decent Oline, but Stanley is the best QB for KU's current Oline.

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Kansas special teams coach Joe DeForest has experience to bank on to break slump

Unrelated to special teams, but recruiting news: Devonta Jason was wearing LSU gloves in Friday's game. Looks like he's officially gone.

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Notebook: Why KU switched to Stanley at QB; Brown to join Ring of Honor

You're saying that Ribordy is worth 400 yards of passing yards? Stanley was more of the reason for that. The offense was no longer zero dimensional. He fits Meachem's offense much better.

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Jayhawks fall short against K-State, 30-20

I hate to say I...... Who am I kidding. I told you all that Bender was the problem and Carter Stanley was the answer. Sure the coaches are idiots for not starting him and yes DeForest needs to go.

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Notebook: Beaty gives no indication of a change at QB for KU

If I have to hear Beaty blame Bender's wretched play on the line or wrs ONE more time..... Compared to last year, KU has more experience at both positions. Carter Stanley produced three competitive games and we still haven't seen in anything but garbage time.

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KU offense in a bad place following back-to-back shutouts

#BenchBender and #StartStanley

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Jayhawks shutout for the second straight week, 43-0


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