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3-star New Orleans DE Khari Coleman commits to KU football

An earlier story said that KU only has 15 scholarships for 2020 class but we are already at 11 and it's not even July.

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Texas prep WR Keith Miller III flips commitment from KU football

Seems like he flipped the first time because the coach recruiting him had left the program then he reunites with him at KU. Why he flipped this time who knows
I hope he had the class to call Les before sending out his tweet and letting him find out that way. Kids now-a-days. Like some how it's so cool to go back on your word. Smh.

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RB Amauri Pesek-Hickson won't join KU football until 2020

Why burn a redshirt year and a year of eligibility just to sit on the bench. He can still be a contributor for 5 years after his gray shirt. He can still train and get stronger if Pooka is back he can learn as a backup if not maybe he learns as a starter. Who knows but that means a quality player could be around to really help build things here.

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Recent KU football player arrested after reportedly pointing gun at woman on campus

No matter the program or coach, you just can't control stupid.

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Daylon Charlot striving for breakthrough season that has eluded WR so far at KU

This kid needs to learn one thing.....patience is a virtue. He could be a multiple national champion, but decided he didn't want to wait his turn at Alabama. All he did here was sit out a year, get switched to defense and now is still trying to show his skills. What a waste. His fault completely. Hopefully he can contribute this year but what a bad decision he made.

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Mike Lee has bold takeaway numbers in mind for KU defense in 2019

If the defense gets the takeaways, need an offense that can convert them into points or we are looking at 3-9 again.

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Les Miles: Penalties upsetting for coaches, players at spring practice

I wonder if the TCU fans will be as understanding with Patterson as the KU fans were with Beaty. LOL

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Les Miles' recruiting strategy helping program within 'the Kansas footprint'

I think the thing here is that you want to have the right mix of players. Get some in state players, get some JC players then recruit the best you can get to fill needs. Some Kansas hs players may not see any reason to play in state so whether the Jayhawks are a top 25 team or a 500 team, some in state kids may not want to play in state. I think KU can get some top 10 Kansas talent but l dont think anyone would complain if Miles can turn things around no matter where the players come from.

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