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Jayhawks claim 10th consecutive victory over Longhorns with 80-78 win

Vick, stop throwing your fingers up to tell the crowd you hit a three. We know. No need to shoot your imaginary bow and arrow. We saw you hit it. Just get back on defense.

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Benton Smith: Ochai Agbaji invigorating lineup as KU recalibrates on the fly

I agree we are a better team without Doke. The games were painful to watch before. Ochai has brought new life to this team. It looks like a KU team again.

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Former Jayhawk Carlton Bragg Jr. steps away from Arizona State basketball program

On a side note, I hate the one and done rule but circumstances like this remind me of one of the reasons the NBA loves it. Imagine spending millions of dollars on a guy straight out of highschool and he does what Bragg has done/is doing. I hope Bragg finds himself and gets his head right.

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Tom Keegan: West Virginia's Bob Huggins a fountain of smart, original ideas, wardrobes

Careful Bobby, fresh eyes will probably just pick up even more fouls in your full court foul fest defense you love to run

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Community service, alcohol class ordered for woman who got in fight with KU basketball player

Not enough. Apparently its also OK to lie to the police and try to ruin a young mans life? This was a pretty serious accusation she made and shouldnt be met with a slap on the wrist. She should be in jail for the same amount of time as Bragg would have had he been found guilty of this made up story. Nothing like a stint in the pokey to make you realize how bad you screwed up.

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Hall of Fame Material: Early showdowns with coaching icons got the attention of Bill Self Sr.

Keep em coming Tait! You're articles are so good people have to read them apparently.

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Affidavit reveals new details in Josh Jackson car vandalism case

Remember the good ol days when the men's basketball team only fought with football players?

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Senior statement: Frank Mason leads Jayhawks to victory at OSU

I will not miss Forte at all and that comes with total respect. I cringe everytime the guy touches the ball because I feel like he's going to nail some impossible 3. My girlfriend and I were joking during the game that Forte was like the Ellis of OSU. Little known fact, back in 85, Forte and Bill Self were teammates. He could hit a 3 from a quarter mile

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Senior statement: Frank Mason leads Jayhawks to victory at OSU

Kurt, great post! Glad you got to see a win and it's nice to hear positive things about other team fans in a day everyone's so uptight. I would like to try to hit some road games. I've never been anywhere other than Allen Fieldhouse

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