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When will KU go retro?

remember that Neb. only has one school to support. thats why the sellouts. kansas has two plus 3 div. 1 BB schools. lets kick their butts and the heck with their colors.

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Self comments on Henry situation

Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
let me make one comment and then we will decide who wins. UK, MO. and Kst are responsible for most of these neg. comments and their made up replys. so stop the disinformation. don,t post!
i,m going to give you an example of what can and has happened before.
bill mayer, and Max might verify this story as they were around for some of this story.
back in the 1950,s some thing was said that that upset one of KU,s great players.
did you ever wonder why the # 13 was never in the allen field house rafters?
well i still do not know what was said or done but actions and words were the results.
i alwaysheard that #13 was asked about helping on recruiting certain players on the west coast. he refused. he never visited,or mentioned KU at anytime.
what it that turned him off? was it the firing of phog allen ? was it the losing to NC in the championship game?
i still do not know.
but i do know how the #13 jersey came to be on display. ask anyone at the BB program and i,m sue they will give you an answer. it might be partly true.
in 1996 my son and i spent 17 days in Atlanta at the olympics. I was late getting to a venue but still on time to get in line early enough to claim my seat.
So what has this to do with #13? he was not a dream team member. he was better.
my son had been talking to a black man while waiting for me. it turned out that man was the agent for #13.when my son told him of my assoc. with KU and who really is/was the greatest BB player of all time the subject of the absent jersey was confronted.
the result was not too many mo. later when #13 was hoisted into its prom. poition.
so why the delay? someone or somthing had been said years before that caused a total breakdown of contact. it has been corrected.
this is exactly what is happening surrounding the henry,s. IT MUST STOP!!!!!!!!
now we will see if UK and the others even heard of #13.
any more neg. comments will viewed as being from outside of the KU alums. don,t post neg comments.

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Self confident Henrys will attend Kansas

texas 44

GO away! save your fights for mezz and UK. i never bothered reading who posted but from now on you will not be read! Just go away.

for all of you who made comments aluding to trailer trash just rem. when its below 0 this winter my home in vegas and the one in ariz. will be above 32 degrees and all of my neighbors could buy and sell you.
rock chalk

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Kansas Tarasova 11th in NCAA hammer throw

i was delighted when i checked out chan. 613 and found NCAA T& F on for hrs. everyone put on a great show. everyone except KU. i kept waing for anything to take place with a KU runner or field event part. involved..
well its always been my personal style to never ask for a coach to resign. Its time for a complete change. the answer is not a new track practice place. its just a simple matter of selecting and recruiting the fastest high school boys and girls that are in Kansas every year. you do not need to recruit forgiegn runners like Arksas did to get going. you do not need the Calif. runners like Oregon gets. you need the Harold Hadleys from shalow water, the tidwells from independence, and not let the henry wibees go to mizzo. where did janell smith go to college? dosn,t matter we used to have more than one or two to replace the ones moving on up.
how fast of a miler was Wes S. ? billy mills?
its been proven over and over that a 4-20 hs miler could improve to 4 min. at KU. SO where are they??
does Lews bonus money benifit KU or his bank account?
you don,t need a jim ryun to make yourself to be a champion T&F team. somthing is missing @ KU.
now i,ve checked on other states best runners. both men and womens. Kansas holds its own easily. whats missing? spirit? coaching. of course.

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Snyder tells crowd of K-State's boosters he was Sebelius' first choice to be her Lt. Gov.

i love these off topic notes. breaks up the henry bashing stories. keep them coming.

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Former KU athletic director dies

60 years ago or so i was cutoff by a car who the put on his brakes unexpectantly. it a helpless feeling flying though the air waiting for the landining. head first and only got two sprained wrists.
i feel for you fellow. get well quick.

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Xavier Henry to skip summer school, will report to KU's campus in August

why is everyone being so hateful? when the henry,s get here they get here. quit with the neg. stuff.
try to get billy gilespe the usc job. he can resign the players JC kicked of of the kentucky squad and get lance on board too. then beat kentucky this and every year.

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June's hot topics

there are several schools that have the track inside and play football too. i do not rem. but last time i checked the penn relays are still outside around the football field. there are others.
if lew would get the track teams back up to the 50,60s level you would get 70,000 people for the relays weekend. how many football seats projected? think big pic.
we have had greater T&F people all-americans than football all-americans. and T&F programs costs much less to operate. so a few spectators do not need to be in place to equal out the revenue.
which draws the highest attendence? the olympics or the superbowl?

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Gary Bedore's KU Basketball Notebook

whats wrong this AM? everyone is snarling,grumpy, and picking on things that they no nothing about!

get off the henrys back.
quit picking on jaybate.
enjoy the summer. just wish the BB season was starting too.

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KU football gets another game on TV, and it's at 11:30

anyone sure that fox will not split the country and show a west coast game at the same time? cbs does that all of the time. oh well theres always the computer and scream at the refs. from 1000 miles away.
go hawks!

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